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When the flourishing winery, hospitality and tourism team at Gibbston Valley needed a solution for their phone lines — something that could connect all areas of their business and allow for smooth, high-quality communications across the estate — they came to Wireless Nation.


A Ticking Deadline


Gibbston Valley Spa  


Gibbston Valley is not your typical rural business: after sowing the seeds to establish Central Otago as a winemaking region, they’ve gone on to establish themselves as an off-the-beaten-track destination for tourism and relaxation. 

However, as their operations grew and technology advanced, it became clear that they needed new systems to support their rural business into the future. Mark, Gibbston Valley’s IT Manager, explains:

“We had the old copper lines, but when we got an email from Chorus to say they were discontinuing service on the copper lines we had to find an alternative system. We’ve been a winery business for 30 years: we’ve got multiple customer-facing businesses, plus behind-the-scenes winery operations, and needed something to keep up with that.”


“We needed a phone system that could handle all of our businesses, and add more to it too” — Mark, IT Manager


“We’re unique because we do everything: we harvest our own wine, have a cellar door and a restaurant, do cave tours and winery tours, we’ve got a bike centre and a gift shop … and now we’ve got a lodge and spa added on … so putting a new system into a complex business like this, it’s not easy work.”

The planned opening of their new Gibbston Valley Lodge and Spa in late 2019 was the final motivating factor to get a new system in place — Mark wanted to have it all up and running before the grand opening in December.

Faced with the discontinuation of the copper lines and the challenges of a fast-growing business, Gibbston Valley found support from Jason, our Commercial Solutions Manager at Wireless Nation.


A Seamless Solution



Jason had been supporting Gibbston Valley from the sidelines for a couple of years already, as they searched for a system to replace their ADSL internet. 

“We liked him from the outset. He has a real depth of knowledge, we knew he’d always be able to answer any question we had and come back to our problems with a solution. We knew he’d be the right person to manage our new phone system.” 

In the lead up to the Lodge’s opening, Gibbston Valley’s IT Manager, Mark, explained that among the multitude of systems to install and processes to set up, he had peace of mind that at least the phone system was covered by the Wireless Nation team

“It was truly the least of my headaches when there was so much going on. It was so smooth and seamless, and pretty intuitive to operate. In hindsight, I wish I’d done it sooner!” — Mark, IT Manager

When talking features, Jason was able to deliver every want that Mark had for their new phone system, creating a robust, future-proof asset to connect and support their rural business as it grows.


Communication Across The Estate



Since installing a cloud-based phone system for Gibbston Valley Estate, everyone has been easier to reach according to Gibbston Valley’s Lodge Manager Andrew.

“As it’s a cloud-based system, and on a strong wifi network, we’re able to be more mobile and take calls when we’re not at our desks – we can be out on the estate, doing a stocktake, or shopping in town and the calls will come through.”


“Prior to upgrading the system, we weren’t reachable as easily. Now calls can be directed straight to your cellphone, it’s so convenient.” — Andrew, Lodge Manager

With phones installed in the cellar door, in each villa, the lodge front desk and bar, and even the lift, there’s connection and access to communications across the business for customers and staff alike. 

Through the help of Wireless Nation, rural is still reachable at Gibbston Valley.


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