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Smart Line: The Cloud-Based Solution for Small Retail Businesses.

Fix your phone system & stop losing customers with Smart Line 


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It’s busy in your store, and while you’re thrilled at the rate of sale there’s a big bottleneck slowing you down and making customers frustrated: your phone line. 

Either you can’t get to the phone because you’ve got your hands full, or they can’t get through because it’s always engaged. 

Why does everyone seem to call at once? 

With Smart Line you can bring order to the chaos, improve customer satisfaction, and free up the bottleneck to bring in more business. 

Smart Features

Smart Line is a cloud-based PABX phone system designed specifically for small retail businesses. 

What you’ll love about Smart Line:

Put phone customers in an automatic queue 

Improve customer experience and save them the frustration of redialling endlessly or giving up altogether. Stop losing customers when your phone is unanswerable.

Play on-hold marketing while they wait 

Promote specials, remind customers of your opening hours, or push them toward your online booking/buying platform if available.

Log & record calls for analytics and training 

Keep track of who’s called so you can follow up when you have time. Use call record to remember customer details, manage complaints, or train staff on phone protocol. 

Answer from anywhere 

Smart Line operates over an internet connection, and can be accessed via an app on your smartphone, meaning you can answer the phone even if you’re not physically in the shop.

It’s simple to set up & use

Link Smart Line to your existing phone and business number, or connect it via your device or computer. Designed for ease of use and streamlined operation, it requires minimal practice to use.

Spend less time worrying about your phone, and more time doing what you do best: serving your customers and growing your business. 

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How does it work? 


Smart Line uses PABX technology (Private Automatic Branch Exchange). This allows businesses to use a single phone number with multiple extensions, so customers aren’t faced with the frustrating engaged tone when they try to make contact. 

When you order Smart Line with us, we’ll review your requirements and get in touch with a quote to suit your needs – we know you want to get up and running, so we strive to make this part of the process simple.

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