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Are you a NZMCA or Coastguard member?

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Are you a NZMCA or Coastguard member?

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Wireless Nation Ltd.
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Wow - excellent product and service - works very well just about anywhere - never again will we have to use a Sat Dish as we will always have wi-fi on the go. Thanks again Andy and team
Maree and I have been with Wireless Nation for over 5 years and we use our router at Whitianga, Great Barrier, Auckland and away on our boat. Our site on Great Barrier Island has very weak reception and Wireless Nation were very proactive resolving these issues with 2 external aerials. Several years ago when we had issues the Vodafone in Whitianga they arranged a Spark SIM for our router for use there.They have always been great to deal with when we needed help.
John Ellingham
We have been traveling all over the North Island in our caravan and have not had any issues with coverageAlso when I have contacted the customer service team I have always had a quick responseI recommend this service provider
Stephanie Vooght
I've been with Wireless action for many years and have been extremely satisfied with them. At the time of joining, they were the only firm that could give me what I wanted. There have only been a couple of times I've needed assistance, and the people I were in contact with, were very friendly and helpful. A great firm to be involved with.
Barbara Prescott
We have been using Wireless Nation for around seven months in our bus. We have traveled all around the North Island and it has never let us down. We just love it. I have recommended Wireless Nation to so many other people who live and travel New Zealand in their caravans or buses.
Very reliable service, great communication on any changes.Highly reliable in all the years I have used them
Terry Lynch
It does what it says it can do
Tony Davis
We changed from another provider to Wireless Nation. We all know how stressful that can be at times, but thanks to their amazing team and service it was a breeze!! Very friendly and efficient team.Great coverage. Highly recommend Wireless Nation! PS - Their modem is super stylish too, an added bonus 😁
Vaibhav Talesara
We have been with Wireless Nation for several years and have used it all over the country with no issues, plus at home. I would highly recommend it.
Noel Kennedy
Very easy setup both home and away. Just plug it in and away you go. If travelling, just plug it into the 12v socket. Good coverage on all our travels so far.
Carla Halliday
Wireless Nation is awesome. Their customer service is excellent and they act fast when needed. They are based in NZ and provide great wifi coverage with no lagging. I would highly recommend them for your internet needs.
Sarah Matheson
Hassle free company!When I had an issue, which was minor, they're so quick to respond.Highly recommend
Tony Smith
Great company to be with, easy communication, good options for plans & I just love the mobility of the NZMCA plan for travel. Highly recommend Wireless Nation.
Bronwyn Walker
Great to deal with nice customer service
Ton Venrooy
Wireless Nation was so easy to join, sorted over the phone and absolutely no hassles after that.
Doug Livingstone
We use both Wireless Nation Fibre at home and Wireless Nation Mobile Data when on the road in our Motorhome.The service offed by this company is so much better than other Telcos, they value their customers.A Top Team!
John Elvy
Fantastic service from this company. It’s so refreshing to be able to communicate with a human being! Prompt and efficient with both our home set-up as well as our portable modem which we can reactivate for a month at a time whenever we’re traveling in our Campervan. Spot on!
Eileen Horsman
great service and data can be put on hold when your are not traveling.Not many places where there is no connection.
William Lowman
Apart from service outages the service has been reliable and stable.
Colin Wright
We are fulltime motorhomers using the portable WN wifi and we have had amazing coverage. We stayed a few days at Poutu, south of Dargaville where the manager told us there was very poor internet service. Once parked up and online it never dropped out at all. We had a problem with our TV satellite dish and were watching freeview online in some remote places with no issues. Very impressed. The deal works out cheaper than our original provider so when we do return home we will just take the modem into the house.
John Kitney

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