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Fibre Broadband

Connecting you with the latest technology

Wireless Nation Fibre benefits

Don’t just get fibre, get Wireless Nation fibre — where speed meets exceptional service.

Fibre internet, renowned for its exceptional speed, reliability, and performance, enables you to enjoy activities like streaming HD video, online gaming, and large file transfers with ease.

Join us today with a 12-month home fibre plan and receive a complimentary Plume next-generation plug-in and go modem, valued at $199.

Plume’s adaptive WiFi technology helps to ensure consistent coverage throughout your home, while its security features help keep your personal information and property safer. Simply plug it in and get online!

Beyond this advanced technology, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. Our dedicated customer care team is always ready to assist with your queries and troubleshooting needs, ensuring you can speak to a live person without long waits.

Switching providers has never been easier. We’re here to support you every step of the way!


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Most Popular

Home Fibre 300

Unlimited GB

A plan with no data restrictions.

Plume Superpod Wireless Nation

$199 (Free on a 12 month term)

Fibre Modem & Setup
+$16.96 Shipping

👉 Great for households who want to stream HD regularly with many devices connected.
👉 Average speed: Download 306Mbps, Upload 108Mbps*.

$99.99 Per month

Home Fibre Max

Unlimited GB

A plan with no data restrictions.

Plume Superpod Wireless Nation

$199 (Free on a 12 month term)

Fibre Modem & Setup
+$16.96 Shipping

👉 Great for busy households who require more speed for 4K gaming and streaming or downloading extra large files.
👉 Average speed: Download 846Mbps, Upload 497Mbps*.

$119.99 Per month

*Estimated national peak time average speeds (MBNZ Autumn 2023) using a direct connection from your modem to your device via an Ethernet cable. Your location, the age of the devices you are using, and your in-home WiFi setup, can impact the speeds experienced.

Product Terms & Setup

Contract Term, Modem & Setup

Open term: $199 modem & setup

12-month term: Free modem & setup (save $199). Early exit fees apply*.

5 working days’ notice when you wish to cancel (after one-month minimum activation).

*The early exit fee is 1/12 of $199 for every remaining month on a 12-month contract, plus the value of any promotion offered during signup. E.g. if you cancel with 5 months remaining on your contract, the early exit fee will be $82.92 (this is 5/12 of $199).

Installation Process

Enjoy free standard installation, with two options for your needs: 

Option 1: You already have Fibre installed

No worries! We’ll ship the modem to you within five working days, and all you need to do is connect the modem to your fibre ONT (white box) located inside your home.

Option 2: Install a brand-new Fibre connection

If you don’t have fibre installed, we’ll take care of that too. We’ll install the latest fibre ONT and manage the installation process between you and the technician. If you need to get online quickly while waiting for the installation to be completed, we can provide a temporary wireless broadband connection.

Can I add a home phone line?
Yes, you can add a home phone line during online signup. You can find the pricing and features here
P.S. We recommend one of our awesome mobile phone plans which comes with free standard calling to NZ/AU — also available to add during online signup. 



Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed.

This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale.

Initial payment via credit card, direct debit must be set up for ongoing monthly payments.