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Great coverage, seamless switch, Kiwi customer service. Get it all with NZMCA Mobile.

NZMCA Mobile 2GB


Each time you run out of data, a 1GB data pack ($14.95) will be added automatically.


SIM, Setup & Shipping

✅ Unlimited standard calls + TXTs NZ/AU
✅ Hotspot (tethering) included
✅ Keep your existing number and phone

👉 Great for the low user who doesn’t use mobile data regularly to stream or surf social media.
👉 This plan is usually bundled with an NZMCA Data (WiFi) plan.

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$29.99 Per month


NZMCA Mobile 5GB Endless


Followed by endless data at reduced speed with a maximum of 1.2 Mbps.


SIM, Setup & Shipping

✅ Unlimited standard calls + TXTs NZ/AU
✅ Hotspot (tethering) included
✅ Keep your existing number and phone

👉 Popular plan for those who aren’t heavy users but want the convenience of not running out of data.
⚠️ Fair usage applies to endless plans — continually exceeding full-speed data may require you to upgrade your plan or change your usage patterns.

🎁 Promotion: Get ONE MONTH FREE using promo code ‘getmobile‘ during signup! Terms apply

$44.99 Per month

NZMCA Mobile 40GB Endless


Followed by endless data at reduced speed with a maximum of 1.2 Mbps.


SIM, Setup & Shipping

✅ Unlimited standard calls + TXTs NZ/AU
✅ Hotspot (tethering) included
✅ Keep your existing number and phone

👉 This one is for heavy users who rely on their mobile as a main source of connectivity.
⚠️ Fair usage applies to endless plans — continually exceeding full-speed data may require you to upgrade your plan or change your usage patterns.

🎁 Promotion: Get ONE MONTH FREE using promo code ‘getmobile‘ during signup! Terms apply

$69.69 Per month

New customers: Signing up for a mobile plan above will create a new account with Wireless Nation. Existing customers: You can add a mobile phone plan directly to your existing Wireless Nation account. The above signup form will check your name and email address against your Wireless Nation account and match it up — super convenient!

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of staying connected on the go with NZMCA Mobile. With our plans, you’ll have great coverage on your mobile phone which runs on Spark’s 3G/4G/5G network, clear call quality, and a wide range of features such as “WiFi Calling” to improve your mobile experience. Plus, with no long-term contracts and the ability to cancel your plan with 30 days’ notice, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to use your phone the way you want. 

Seamless switch

Switching made simple. You’ll keep your current mobile number – just switch out your SIM card.

Member Benefits

A $5 monthly discount is included in the plan price for NZMCA members, and a portion of revenue goes back to the NZMCA – win-win!

Kiwi Customer Service

No robots or outsourced call centres here! Just helpful Kiwis a phone call away.

One provider = one bill

Bundling your WiFi and mobile phone plan means dealing with just one bill, and a single point of contact for help.

WiFi Calling

Make and receive cellphone calls via WiFi across NZ, even when you have a weak or no mobile signal. Learn more.

What Our Customers Think

Wireless Nation Ltd.
Based on 662 reviews
Great service great people
Absolutely amazing company and amazing staff. I am the happiest I have ever been since signing up with this Company. The Staff are amazing and no matter how many times I have had to contact them they are patient and always so glad to help. Thank you guys do much. You do come highly recommended. 😊❤️
Maureen Smith
Great company to deal with, easy set up, highly recommend.
Glenn Carter
Great experience, actually answered the help phone when I called.
Graham Crowther
Great service and follow-upWifi working great now
kevin traynor
The Wireless Nation Modem actually works better than my home fibre connection. Furthermore, I like the flexibility of adjusting the data packet according to my needs. Happy customer!
Cornelis Bootsman
Great service all round. Took just a couple of minutes to get going, don't need to worry about broadband. I purchased a mobile one, so can take it camping all for one price. Deco Superior mesh WiFi 4g+
Paul Stevenson
Ordering was easy, delivery fast, coverage excellent.
Sharen M
Awesome customer service. You get to speak to real person!
Kerri Tostevin
Awesome help and great product.
Caroline Yarndley
Travelling around New Zealand in the RV and wireless nation has been fantastic. I’ve had awesome signal everywhere I go. As advertise totally plug and play
Dave G
Newbies to Wireless Nation. No issues and no issues with setting up
Pip Scott
We have fairly recently subscribed to Wireless Nation, found them excellent to deal with. From the first enquire to up and running there was a few emails and phone calls WN could not be more accommodating. These guys are on the ball. DC
David Collett
Wireless Nation has fantastic customer service. I had had some technical issues and was unsure if it could be resolved. One of their team members got onto it and found a solution. I am very pleased with the service and result. I highly recommend Wireless Nation.
Leeroy Jackson
WiFi Nation is A great company to deal with! You get real people to assist you and they are prompt and efficient. The follow up service calls are much appreciated and we’ve not had such good service from any other business for as long as I can remember. Keep up the good work 👏🏻😊
Sue Parkinson
Great service from Wireless Nation. Easy setup etc
G Kelland
Good value for money very reliable
Hans Duvenage
Fantastic company, service is really good and you get to speak to people AND they live in NZ. Backup service is the best we have experienced and so pleased we changed to wireless nation
Swapped recently really happy with prices and the nicest thing , is if we ring up someone actually answers and you don’t have to wait hours to get thru , much improved on our old telco
mal stanley
Good product, easy to set up, it works well, you get to talk to real people if you have any queries & very efficient with logistics.
Kerry Briggs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my existing mobile number?

Yes, you can keep your existing mobile number for free! During signup, you will be asked to provide some information regarding your current mobile plan such as existing number, existing provider, existing provider account number etc. so please have this information ready to go.

If you want to keep your existing number, please don’t disconnect with your old provider until we have successfully ported your number over, otherwise you may lose your number.

If you want a brand new mobile number, we can provide you a randomly chosen mobile number.

What happens when I run out of data?

If you run out of data on the 2GB, or if you have an older 4GB or 10GB plan, a 1GB data pack will be added automatically, and the price is $14.95. This happens each time you run out of data during the month.

You will receive email notifications at 80% and 100% usage. If you do not wish for an automatic top-up to be added please switch off mobile data on your handset prior to reaching your data limit. Automatic top-ups cannot be disabled on the 2GB, 4GB & 10GB mobile plans.

You can request plan changes for a future month via creating a ticket within your MyHub account.

Do you do prepay?

All our mobile plans are on a monthly account. Base plan charges are due at the beginning of the month, usage charges are billed in arrears This makes for simple billing if you have a broadband connection with us too. 

Can I use my my phone as a Hotspot?

Yes, you can hotspot or tether for free on all our monthly mobile phone plans!

What mobile phone network do you use?

We utilise the Spark network to provide our mobile phone services to you.

Other calling/sms charges and full rate card

You can view our full mobile rate card here for charges that may apply for calling special numbers, send SMS to special SMS services, roaming, calling numbers overseas or satellite phones.

How do I check my voicemail?

The simplest way is to hold down “1” on your dial pad to call and check your voicemail. Alternatively, the number to check or set up your voicemail is 083210 or if calling from overseas +6483203000 (standard roaming call charges apply).

How do I check my usage?

To quickly check usage, head over to your MyHub account dashboard.

For detailed usage and call records, click on ‘Usage’ and then ‘Voice’. If you have several voice services, you will first see a combination of the usage of all voice services. You can select from a drop-down to see a specific mobile phone service’s usage.

We send you usage notifications at 80% and 100%. Please note, it may take up to an hour to show recent usage in your MyHub account.

Can I use my mobile service overseas (Roaming)?

Roaming is activated on your connection by default. To enjoy using your mobile phone service overseas, check that the “Roaming” setting is enabled on your handset.

Auto-Buy Roaming Packs: for your convenience, our system adds roaming packs automatically, if you are in a roaming pack supported country. This helps prevent expensive casual roaming charges. You can find the cost for each roaming pack and which countries they are available in, in our mobile rate card

  • A roaming pack comes with 2GB of data, 300 incoming mins, 300 outgoing mins and 300 texts and is valid for 14 days. Another roaming pack is added automatically after 14 days, or prior, if any of the four components runs out.
  • You will continue using the same roaming pack when moving from one roaming pack country to another roaming pack country, however, causal roaming charges apply in-flight or while you are on cruise ships.
  • Roaming usage records can take hours or even days to show in MyHub (as overseas networks are sometimes delayed to send these records to us).
  • Roaming packs cannot be cancelled or refunded after purchase.

If you are experiencing issues using the service overseas, please read this help article

Please keep in mind: in countries where roaming packs are not available as well as on planes and (cruise) ships, expensive casual roaming charges apply. These can easily add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, so please check out our mobile rate card and get in touch with us if you have any questions before you travel!

How to stop Roaming:

  • Disable the roaming setting on your handset before travelling overseas.
  • Advise us to disable roaming feature(s) before you travel overseas.
  • Endless Mobile Plans: Fair usage applies. Our endless mobile phone plans are designed and priced to allow our customers to use up to the specified number of full speed GBs on their particular plan, which we define as fair usage. Speed reduces to a maximum of 1.2Mbps once the full speed GB plan allowance is used.  For example, if a customer has purchased a 40GB endless data plan, their fair usage limit in one month is 40GB. These plans have an endless data feature to allow occasional and reasonable usage over and above the number of GBs stated on the plan without additional cost. If fair usage is exceeded for more than two months in a row, we may ask the customer to upgrade their plan or change their usage patterns. If excessive usage continues, we may restrict or cancel their services without further notice.
  • The old-fashioned text message is a best-efforts service and a text message might not be delivered if the recipient’s phone is out of service at the time delivery is attempted, if the message contains emojis, photos, more than one recipient/group message, or if the message goes to international numbers via different carriers. We recommend using a modern service such as WhatsApp.
  • 30 days notice is required to cancel.
  • Standard Wireless Nation terms and conditions and mobile phone terms apply.

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