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Resolving Formal Complaints

At Wireless Nation, we value our customers’ feedback and take all complaints seriously. We understand that sometimes issues may arise, and we are committed to resolving them as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will always treat you with courtesy and respect and expect the same from you.

If you have a query that our customer service team can address, please use our contact form. However, if you have a formal complaint regarding our team’s conduct or any other significant issue that remained unresolved by our customer service team, please follow the process outlined below to lodge a complaint:

Step 1:

Contact our complaints email to initiate a formal complaint: Our dedicated complaints team is available to address your concerns.

Step 2:

Wireless Nation will to provide an initial confirmation of your formal complaint within 3 business days. This confirmation email will acknowledge that we have received your complaint and are actively investigating the matter.

Step 3:

Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into the issue raised in your formal complaint. We may need additional information from you during this process to ensure a comprehensive resolution.

Step 4:

Once the investigation is complete, Wireless Nation will provide a detailed response addressing the concerns raised in your formal complaint. We strive to provide a full reply within 7 working days of receiving your initial formal complaint.

Step 5:

If you remain dissatisfied or have additional queries after receiving our response, you are welcome to reach out to us for further clarification or assistance. We are committed to working with you to find a satisfactory resolution.

Step 6:

If a mutually acceptable resolution cannot be reached, you have the option to contact the Disputes Tribunal. They are an independent body that handles complaints and can act as an intermediary and provide guidance if necessary.

We appreciate your patience throughout this process and assure you that we will do our utmost to address your concerns in a timely and fair manner. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and continuously improve our services based on the valuable feedback received from our customers.