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Small Business Fibre Plans

Voice Add-on

Voice is a reliable and cost-effective software-based telephone system – all that you need is an internet connection.

$POA / mth
Incl Gst

Start building your custom business fibre plan by choosing from one of our two base plans: Fibre 100/100 or Fibre Max. 

With Fibre Max, you can enjoy the fastest fibre connection available for maximum performance. This option is ideal for businesses who engage in frequent video or image-heavy activities, to seamlessly keep up the flow of your work.

Fibre 100/100 gives you 100Mbps upload and download, perfect for most office environments and activities. This option is made for small to medium businesses that need to be online for general activities such as emails and reporting, but don’t need larger upload/download speeds.

Contract Term & Modem

12-month term (free modem on a 12-month term)

*30 days notice must be given on a 12 month term.

Setup & Installation

Free standard installation, however if a site visit is required for complex installations, there may be extra costs incurred. 

Early Exit Fee

The early exit fee is 1/12 of $199 for every remaining month on a 12 month contract, plus the value of any promotion offered during signup.

E.g. if you cancelled with 5 months remaining on your contract, the early exit fee will be $83.00 (this is 5/12 of $199).

*30 days notice must be given on a 12 month term.

Included in all of our business packages

Priority Restoration Time 

Rest assured that any issue with your business fibre connection will be fixed within 24 hours, often sooner. If you report a problem in the AM, we’ll have it sorted the same day. If your problem happens in the PM, a technician will be there next morning to remedy the situation.

Priority Business Line

Skip any unexpected call-centre queues with a priority number to reach our technicians quickly in times of need. Wireless Nation provides industry-leading contact centre call times, but when your business operations are at stake, we know you won’t want to risk waiting. 

Available add-on solutions

Plug & Go Wi-Fi Extension

Solve shady signal spots and extend your Wi-Fi’s reach with a Plume – no more “moving somewhere with better signal” next time you’re on a Zoom call. Don’t let concrete walls or a too-short range stop your team from enjoying maximum connectivity around the office.

Wireless Broadband Backup

For businesses that can’t afford to lose their connection, this plug-and-play backup solution is perfect for your emergency kit. In the event of an outage in the office, simply plug it into any standard power outlet and get back to business.

This is also a handy solution for traveling employees. No more shady motel or hotel Wi-Fi, plug our 4G enabled modem into the power outlet, or via the 12V socket in the vehicle. 

Shared Mobile Plan

Simplify your staff phone bill and save money on individual plans with a shared mobile plan that pools data between your employees. With only one bill to worry about that covers all of your employees, no one will be left out.

Flexible Phone System

Answer your business number wherever you are, whether in the office, home office, or on the road. With a cloud-based system, there’s no need for a separate handset that might get lost or forgotten – you can answer off any mobile or laptop that’s connected to the internet. 

Static IP

Reliable and sound, a static IP address provides extra support for companies that host websites or servers, to ensure a secure alarm system, email server, or file transfer service. Please note that this costs an additional $8.70+GST per Static IP address.

As the industry-leaders in finding solutions to tricky situations, you can trust us to deliver solutions for your business connectivity issues. Whether your signal is weak, slow, or otherwise limited, come speak to us and we’ll find a way to get you the performance you deserve.

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