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Good experience, helpful staff.
Alan Calderwood
04:21 15 Jan 21
Reliable and Stable internet service. Provided good information and helpful correspondence. Can't go wrong signing up to Wireless Nation =)
David Aiau
21:42 13 Jan 21
Had some issues finding an internet service provider in our area where we brought. Talked with Wireless Nation and within a week from signing up internet was all sorted. They have been professional and great to deal with.
Caleb Smith
06:44 13 Jan 21
We have recently signed up with Wireless Nation so we can stay connected when we are away in our caravan. We found their contact and subsequent service to be highly commendable and we have no hesitation in recommending their service to others who need to remain connected while on the road and travelling. Well done Wireless Nation, a great Kiwi Company!
Cliff Heywood
06:30 13 Jan 21
People we spoke to were well informed and gave good advice.
Ian Juno
05:52 13 Jan 21
Have not been with Wireless Nation long, but so far its been all good.
Andrew Munro
05:41 13 Jan 21
I have been very satisfied with NZMCA wireless nation mobile broadband.It’s plugged into any old power socket at home, and into a house 12volt port in the motorhome. On the road, we connect 2 phones (for data, but you can add your mobile plan) 2 iPads and an Alexa Echo, no problem. One of the best on road features is putting a connected iPad into the dash holder and using the NZMCA app to find the next stopover place.... brilliant. And It can be used in the car or a boat (if I had one), or taken to friends or a motel. Thanks Wireless Nation for your ongoing support with using mobile broadband.
Jan Gillanders
03:42 13 Jan 21
I have been with Wireless Nation for about 4 years and in that time have travelled both the North and South Island completely twice and have used Wireless Nation for all my contacting with no problems or lost contacts in all that time.
Don Campbell
07:14 27 Dec 20
Were quite quick in sending out the required modem and answered all our questions to our satisfaction.
Margaret Taylor
07:19 17 Dec 20
Great service from a great company. Unlike the mega-providers, these guys are directly available at the end of the phone to provide the service requested in a prompt, efficient and friendly fashion. Having a modem that we can use both at home and in our caravan is a real winner for us, especially as the transition from one location to the other is so simple. The service in the caravan is just as good as at home. Thanks Wireless Nation!
Noeleen & Brian Taylor
18:04 13 Dec 20
Amazing service!
Dez Williams
20:06 10 Dec 20
Wireless Nation package has done all we expected it to do, wifi on the move. Can use in car, in caravan, wherever we are staying. Have had no issues so far with connectivity. Great having the option in the morning to download with 50GB free data per month. Very pleased with this service.
Noelene White
18:31 07 Dec 20
I am spending most of my retired life on a campsite up in the Far North and was keen to have some decent internet connection despite the miserable networks up here. Found it! Being member of the NZMCA I went for the specially designed Data Pack. Initially on the 79 NZD option but as the quality of the service exceeded my expections I decided to upgrade to the 99 one within the first month. Any of my "special requests" was dealt with instantly, friendly and professional. Apart from one little piece of misinformaton but that was soon after corrected by the other staff members who know the companies T&Cs. Both thumbs up for WirelessNation!
Frank Roettgen
20:01 01 Dec 20
Wireless Nation is a really effective and cost efficient way of getting enough data while travelling the country. I have had the modem in my caravan whilst travelling the South Island with no weak signals or outage. I wish I had this installed when we traveled the North Island and ran out of 18 GB rollover data from another supplier, ending up in a huge bill for top ups.I have recommended wireless nation to lots of people on my travels
Alistair Ferguson
21:54 29 Nov 20
100% Pleased with Wireless Nation.Travel alot & so far has not let me down.Parked up at present in a bit of a grey spot & Wireless Nation mobile working fine.😁
Vivian Brownell
05:15 26 Nov 20
Easy to connect, great to deal with, making life on the road a lot easier
Graham Hawkes
23:20 24 Nov 20
Very quick response to my inquiry.Easy to set up, especially if your not computer tech.
22:38 24 Nov 20
Modem works well and service was excellent
Amanda Tooker
22:33 24 Nov 20
Great service, friendly, fast, helpful and a good price
Greta Baynes
22:28 24 Nov 20
We have just begun living full-time on the road an needed reliable wifi for our Youtube channel and communication. Wireless Nation has provided a seamless simple system! Great response. So far, NO issues with connectivity either! Well done WN!
Chris Manning
20:27 09 Nov 20

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