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Wireless Nation WiFi – helping Coastguard keep New Zealanders safe on the water.

Coastguard WiFi 300GB

300GB Full Speed Data

Followed by endless data at reduced speed with a maximum of 1.2 Mbps.


Portable Modem & Setup
+$16.96 Shipping

👉 Great for medium data users who regularly stream TV shows, YouTube, and make video calls etc.
👉 All plans support WiFi sharing with several devices.

$79.99 Per month

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Coastguard WiFi Unlimited

Unlimited GB

A plan with no data restrictions.


Portable Modem & Setup
+$16.96 Shipping

👉 Great for heavy data users, families, or work-from-home purposes.
👉 All plans support WiFi sharing with several devices.

$99.99 Per month

Full Speed Data means we do not throttle at Wireless Nation. The average speed is 50Mbps download, 17Mbps upload — (MBNZ Spring 2024). You may experience higher or lower speeds than this.


Plug & Play WiFi

Coastguard has teamed up with Wireless Nation to bring members WiFi you can use at home and in your boat, bach, or vehicle.

It is like having a portable WiFi bubble wherever you go. Everyone’s devices can stay online on your journey and at your destination — phones, watches, tablets, laptops, and eReaders can automatically connect to your onboard WiFi, and stay connected.

Simply unplug it from the power outlet at home and plug it into your boat, bach, or vehicle! Use it year-round or just over the summer.

Testimonial from Coastguard Northern Region CEO, Callum Gillespie: 

“ Wireless Nation’s lifestyle broadband package was quick and easy to set up, just plug it in and away you go. It was great to be connected wherever we were out on the boat, especially in areas with little cellphone coverage. It kept my teenagers happy so I’m happy!”

Year-round Service or Flexible Holds

Most members use this connection at home too, but you have the added flexibility to pause your plan when necessary. We kindly ask for a five-day notice for plan holds, and there’s a minimum activation period of one month each time.

Reactivation is quick and easy and can be completed in 3-5 working days.


There’s an investment of $299 (already discounted for Coastguard members) for a powerful 4G-enabled portable modem.

Shipping & Handling: $16.95.

12-24V Adapter (optional)

You can purchase a 12-24V adapter for $69.90 during signup, meaning the modem can run off 12-24V and keep the modem safe from voltage spikes.  Please note: the modem includes a 230/240V wall plug for mains power.

The modem featured may vary from the actual modem supplied.

What Our Customers Think

Wireless Nation Ltd.
Based on 718 reviews
Use both at home and rv. Works great.
Paul Robshaw
Amazing. We have been camping in remote places in the catlins. No Spark reception but we had a very clear connection with Wireless Nation. Other campers were envious! Obviously we recommend it!
Marg craig
Best wifi I've found for traveling
David Renton
Great info sharing and service.Very helpful and excellent problem solving. Great product.
John Smith
Great service. Easy to join up. Competitive rates. Easy to negotiate while off road in our caravan or at home.
Carol Bungard
I have been a WN customer for a while and I have to say that the switchover from my previous provider to WN was super easy and seamless. The internet service itself works great and its combined with their amazing customer service.I also recently had the upgraded fibre pod modems installed for better connectivity in my home, and I am truly blown away by its elegant look, minimalist profile and improved faster connectivity. 5/5!Thanks Wireless Nation!
Vaibhav Talesara
Have only recently signed up but very impressed with the customer service and versatility of a modem that we can take in our motorhome. Seems to work great so far.
Eric and Noreen Johnson
We have only been using this service for a month but we are very happy with the coverage. No longer do we drop out or buffer
Karyn Hodgson
Awesome service and great connection would definitely recommend!
Paula Maria
Good efficient service.
Have recently changed providers to W N and on our first trip away was very impressed with quality of service we received. I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for a mobile data service
Bill Bond
These guys are really fair and have excellent service, we use them for our RV and it's been fair superior in quality and service to other big-name brands.
C J Fairlie
Top rate product and easy to set up. We are getting excellent coverage in our campervan. Also excellent and helpful communication with courteous staff. Highly recommend.
Wayne Sarjeant
Wireless Nation have been awesome. We did have a hiccup, but they were always there to listen and tried to help us. We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to continuing being a very satisfied customer. Thanks WN. Stella and Ken Baker
Stella Baker
Loving having WIFI on the move in the camper. Very helpful staff got us up and running. Well done Wireless Nation
Sue Collins
Quick delivery of the modem and easy set up. Easy company to deal with
Paul Wilton
Ordered for the caravan, arrived 2 days later. Plugged in and instant WIFI. Easy to follow instructions. Great customer service. Recommend this product 👌
Bridget Spencer
I have had a great experience with Wireless Nation, great service, easy to use app and best of all the connection is so much better than what I previously used. I have only had a couple of times that my connection has been a little bit slower but all in all it has been great. Thank you Wireless Nation
Sue L
We live rurally so, once we decided Wireless Nation was the provider for us, the process was simple. Lots of information and good communication from them.
Krausey NZ
I have recently moved to wireless nation very happy with the service looking forward to using while away in the caravan
Ron Leys

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run the modem off 12-24V?

Yes, the modem can run off 12V.  It comes with a 230/240V to 12V wall plug for mains power. If you want to run the modem off your battery/cigarette lighter plug we recommend you buy our 12V Adapter add-on – this will keep the modem safe from voltage spikes.

Does it work anywhere in NZ?

We use over 1,750 towers which cover 99% of the population or, in other words, most places where people live, work and commonly travel. You can check coverage by going to:, and selecting the appropriate tabs.

It also works out at sea and in most holiday spots, towns and cities.

How much power does it use?

Maximum power: 12V-2A; 24Whr

Nominal power: 12V-0.5A; 6Whr


Both plans are suitable for dual HD streaming simultaneously and support WiFi sharing with multiple devices for Googling, Emails, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube etc.

300GB plan: 300GB full-speed data then speeds will reduce to a maximum of 1.2 Mbps once 300GB has been reached.

Coastguard Member Discount

The discount on the modem and your monthly plan is only available to Coastguard members – join now and you’ll get this and a range of other great benefits and discounts.

Can I add a Home Phone line?
Yes, you can add a home phone line during online signup. You can find the pricing and features here.
P.S. We recommend one of our awesome mobile phone plans which comes with free standard calling to NZ/AU — also available to add during online signup. 
  • Factors such as the performance of your modem, the distance you are from a cell tower, the network capability, the overall use of that cell tower by other customers, the performance and age of the devices you are using, and your in-home WiFi setup, can impact the speeds experienced.
  • Lifestyle Broadband is a best efforts residential service, not to be used for business purposes. 
  • It can take up to 3 hours for your data to renew from midnight on the 1st of every month — this is due to the large number of connections that need to get processed through the system.
  • You’ll need to be in 4G coverage for the broadband to work.
  • Standard Wireless Nation terms and conditions apply.