Broadband for your Motorhome & Caravan

NZMCA Data is fast and affordable 4G-enabled wireless broadband designed specifically to meet the needs of NZMCA members.

NZMCA Data is like having your home broadband connection with you on the road. You can use it at home, and when you go travelling, simply unplug it from the power outlet at home and plug it into your vehicle!

These cost effective plans enable you to watch your favourite TV shows online, download more, stay up to date and keep entertained during your travels.

Your motorhome or caravan can now connect wirelessly through Wireless Nation to any of the 480 towers located across the country. You check coverage using our coverage map >

Put it on hold

While many members use the connection in their home as well, you can put the connection on hold and only pay for the months you require. We’ll just need 30 days’ notice when you wish to put it on hold.


There’s an investment of $299 for a powerful 4G enabled RBI Modem.

Join thousands of other members loving Wireless Nation’s NZMCA Data. Motorhome & Caravan Broadband that’s fast, consistent and affordable.

There’s four awesome monthly plans to choose from:

  • 20GB @ 49 per month
  • 40GB @ $79 per month
  • 130GB @ $99 per month
  • 220GB @ $159 per month

Terms and conditions apply.*

“This product has completely revolutionised my life. I am a semi-retired Master/engineer who for some time does pre-purchase surveys, and SOP inspections.

The issue has always been connectivity. Previously I had nothing but on-going battles. As I live and work from my mobile home around the country. This meant I need to either use my mobile as a hotspot, or the campground as a wireless — and would pay tons. One Gigabite of data for $20! My phone bills were in the $250 to $300 range – it was pricing me out of the market and making my semi-retirement almost unworkable! 

Now, I can do all my work, and not worry about anything. Congratulations to the Association and to Wireless Nation for working out a deal and for the ease and complete work-ability of the system.” – Stan Collett #42163

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

Signup to NZMCA DATA is easy using the online portal at NZMCA’s website. Just click on the button, fill out all the required fields and Wireless Nation will sort the rest out for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wireless Nation?

Backed and trusted by the NZMCA, Wireless Nation is an innovative internet service provider who provides fast urban, rural and business broadband access anywhere in New Zealand. Wireless Nation are winners of the ‘Best Rural Broadband Provider’ category at the Broadband Compare Awards 2017 and the ‘Dick Waters Memorial Trophy’ for Excellence in the Motorhome Industry 2018. A portion of the profits go back to the NZMCA to support the building of parks, rallys and member benefits.

Can I run the modem off 12-24V?

Yes, the modem can run off 12V.  It comes with a 230/240V to 12V wall plug for mains power. If you want to run the modem off your battery/cigarette lighter plug we recommend you buy our 12V Adapter add-on – this will keep the modem safe from voltage spikes.

What speeds will I get?

The modem gives a 4G/3G connection. On 4G you will see 5-50Mbps down and 1-12Mbps up. Over 3G you will see 1-15 Mbps down and 1-5Mbps up. The speeds vary depending on how far away you are from a tower and how busy that tower is.

Does it work anywhere in NZ?

There’s 480 cell towers located around the country to connect to. You must be in RBI Wireless coverage to get NZMCA Data. You can check coverage by going to:, and selecting the appropriate tabs.

It also works in most holiday spots, towns and cities.

What are off peak hours?

Covid-19 relief until June 30th 2020: Unlimited* Off Peak Data usage between midnight-9am on all plans above.

We’re happy to announce that we can now provide unlimited* free data during off peak hours between midnight-9am.

(*we needed to put a figure for off-peak data into our system, so we set it to the virtually impossible to reach off-peak limit of 10,000GB, which is ten terabyte: 10TB).

This means from now on any data used between midnight-9am will not be counted at all.


  • Off peak hours are midnight-6am
  • You get an additional 50GB to use between midnight-6am on the 40GB and 130GB plans — great for downloading large files and updating devices!
Top-up Data Packs

If you run out of data, your account will auto top up with a 1GB data pack, up to 4 times. After this, your connection will stop, and you will need to manually purchase one of the data packs below to get back up and running.

Our top-up data packs are flexible and are valid for the month they are bought in, so only purchase as much as you need for the remainder of the month.

  • 1GB – $5.00 per month
  • 5GB – $15.50 per month
  • 10GB – $27.50 per month
  • 20GB – $48.50 per month
  • 50GB – $99.50 per month
  • 100GB – $189.50 per month
  • Emergency Discount Data Pack 25GB – $40.00 per month

It’s easy to change the frequency of auto top ups within your MyHub account. Here’s a couple scenarios on how you can control your auto top ups:

  • You can set your connection to stop as soon as you have run out of data, and manually add a top up from within your MyHub account.
  • You can set various data pack sizes to auto top up e.g. 5GB data pack to auto top up to 5 times, or 1GB up to 2 times.

You’ve got the control. Find out how to purchase top ups here.

Can I have a home phone line?

You can take your home phone with you in your vehicle. You’ll keep your existing number and it’s the same as if someone is calling you at home! It’s only $23 per month and you get free local and national calls to other landlines in NZ (up to 2 hours per call. Calls to mobile is 30c per minute).

How much power does it use?

The modem will draw about 0.44 mAh.

How can I keep track of my usage?

You will receive a notification at 80% and 100% of your data used and you can look up on Wireless Nation’s online portal how much data has been used or how much you have left.

If you run out of data, you can either set up auto top-ups to your desire, stop your connection and manually add a data pack, or upgrade to the next bigger plan, all within your portal. You have the control!

  • This offer is not available in conjunction with other promotions, partner or bundle deals.
  • NZMCA Data is a best efforts residential service, not to be used for business purposes. 
  • You’ll need to setup a direct debit with Wireless Nation; your monthly subscription will auto-renew and be debited from your card automatically. This is the simple, safe and convenient way to manage your payment.
  • You’ll need to be in RBI coverage for the broadband to work.
  • Standard Wireless Nation terms and conditions apply.