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Plume WorkPass

Smart wall-to-wall WiFi for Businesses

Plume WorkPass

Plume Superpods Wireless Nation

$436 (excl. GST)

Two preconfigured, ready-to-go SuperPods for wall-to-wall optimised WiFi.
+$16.96 Shipping

Plume Superpod Wireless Nation

$218 (excl. GST) — optional

Need an additional SuperPod to expand WiFi coverage further?

👉 Intuitive Smartphone App.
👉 Employee & Guest Controls. 
👉 Best-in-class Security.
👉 Local Kiwi Support. 

$40.00 Per month (excl. GST)

Enterprise Grade WiFi at a Small Business Price

Plume is a WiFi extension and complete network management system with AI-powered enterprise-grade security, all wrapped up into an elegant user-friendly solution.


Simple deployment and highly scalable

Plume WiFi Superpods are simple to install and easy to expand as your business changes.  The WorkPass app allows you to manage multiple site locations and gain insights into your network.


How many Pods do I need? 

We recommend placing one Pod for every two large rooms, spread evenly throughout your space to maximise performance. The app will help you with optimising placement.

The app will also show you what signal strength you’re getting on your devices in the different locations you use them – this will help you determine if you need additional Pods.

Wireless Nation partnered with Plume® to help protect your business devices and improve your WiFi range and performance. You will need to have a Wireless Nation broadband connection to purchase a Plume setup from us. 

So what does a WorkPass subscription include?

The WorkPass app provides your business with unparalleled control of your network from any location with easy-to-use features.


Onboard new employee profiles and allocate/revoke access permissions with the touch of a button.


Always on and updated automatically to help protect against emergency cyber security threats. This is Enterprise-grade security at a price point suitable for small businesses.


Customisable and secure guest access for your visitors, keeping them separated from your business devices. Gain insights about repeat and first-time guests.


Plume’s intuitive system provides insights into your traffic flow by using devices such as motion detectors. With the Flow tool on the WorkPass app, you can report and predict busy times, business demand, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the SuperPods without WorkPass?

Because Plume is cloud-based, smart, adaptive technology – it needs to be connected to the Plume servers, so an active $40+GST monthly WorkPass subscription is needed to use your Plume SuperPods.

Who handles customer support?

Wireless Nation handles all support for the Plume services it sells – so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get the same friendly local Kiwi support that you’ve grown to expect!

Can I buy Plume elsewhere?

Wireless Nation is an official partner with Plume. Plume is only offered by official partners in NZ. This ensures you get the right devices for New Zealand (with NZ plugs), NZ warranty, and of course NZ support.

Plume Pods purchased from elsewhere may not be compatible with our network.

What happens if my business moves location?

Once the initial setup is done, the SuperPods are a plug-and-play solution – so just plug them in at your new site and you’re good to go! All devices that were previously connected will connect automatically.

Can I install it myself?

Plume is incredibly intuitive, and almost all users install it themselves with no issue. However, if you have any problems setting up your new Plume devices – please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.


In order for Plume to function, when you sign up for Plume with Wireless Nation, you also agree to certain data being collected by Plume Design, Inc. For more information and T&Cs, click here.

Plume’s added layer of security can help prevent Malware and Network attacks but is not guaranteed to prevent everything. We recommend a holistic approach to cybersecurity, not limited to, but including antivirus and user education.

Ready for the future of WiFi?

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