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Top Tips on Streaming in Your Motorhome or Caravan

Published 10 June 2024

Streaming in your motorhome New Zealand


Even when journeying through New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, Kiwis don’t want to miss their favourite entertainment. Fortunately, modern technology allows enthusiasts to stay connected to their preferred programs, sports teams, movies and streaming platforms with ease.


What do you need to get started?


If you haven’t already, setting up your motorhome for streaming is surprisingly simple. Here’s what you’ll need:

A reliable internet connection

This sounds obvious, but a stable internet connection is crucial to a good viewing experience. Wireless Nation’s portable WiFi solution is a great option for reliable service where cellular service is available. Tethering off your phone is fine for “once in a while” but over time, using your phone this way can damage it.

Plus, wouldn’t you prefer a little more online muscle that a portable modem offers to keep that buffering wheel at bay?

Your Smart TV or streaming device

A Smart TV has a dedicated operating system with an intuitive user interface, which lets you control your TV using its ‘smart’ features. Many motorhomes come with smart TVs, which have built-in internet capabilities for streaming and internet browsing.

Non-smart TVs or regular TVs do not have an operating system, primarily because it doesn’t need one and also because it doesn’t have any processing power. If your TV isn’t smart, invest in a streaming device like Chromecast or SmartVU.

These devices easily plug into your TV’s HDMI port (usually on the side of the TV) allowing you to stream content from your smartphone or tablet.


Streaming Netflix in your motorhome


What are some streaming tips for the best viewing experience?


Ensure you have a reliable internet connection

While many campgrounds offer WiFi, having your own portable modem with a SIM card is advisable. This ensures a more reliable connection and consistent speeds, especially during peak periods when many users are online.

For instance, think about trying to get online via the campground WiFi network when parents are tucking the kids into bed and hundreds of ipads click on in the park as they stream videos before they drift off to dreamland.

Surely, it will be pretty hard to watch the evening news or do a video call with friends when all of these devices are competing for bandwidth.

Plan ahead

There are places in New Zealand where a signal may not be available, even with portable WiFi. If you anticipate being in such areas, download your favourite shows, movies, or sports content on your tablet or smartphone in advance for offline viewing. Note that typical smart TVs usually don’t have enough memory for downloading content.

You can check Wireless Nation’s portable WiFi coverage here.

Optimise data usage

Streaming video consumes data, so it’s essential to optimise your data usage to avoid exceeding your data plan or incurring additional charges if you are on a capped plan. Lowering the video quality settings on your streaming apps can help reduce data usage without significantly sacrificing picture quality.

Modem placement

Maximise your router’s reception by placing it in an optimal location. Avoid keeping it in a cupboard and experiment with different placements and orientations, preferably near a window, to achieve the best signal strength.

Minimise background data usage

Close background apps and disable automatic updates on your devices while streaming to minimise background data usage. This helps prioritise bandwidth for streaming sports content, ensuring a smoother viewing experience with fewer interruptions.

Create a community experience

Share the joy of live sports and entertainment with fellow travellers! Host a barbecue outside your motorhome while watching your favourite team under the stars. Organise an outdoor viewing party with snacks and refreshments.

Pro tip: there are some compact and user-friendly projection systems on the market which will position you as the cool kid in the park as you become the ultimate host for important viewing events.

Streaming your favourite entertainment in your motorhome enriches your travel experience, allowing you to enjoy New Zealand’s natural wonders without missing out on the shows and sports you love.

With the right setup and these helpful tips, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on the road, creating lasting memories.

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