Marina Broadband for Boaties.

We specialise in providing internet access anywhere you want it.

Lifestyle Broadband Plans

We use fixed wireless towers to provide broadband coverage to your boat! 

The wireless signal is received from a tower located near your Marina, straight to the modem located on your boat.

It’s simple – open term*, fast speeds, great coverage. And best of all, you can cruise around with it as long as you’re within range of a tower. 

You can check the broadband coverage using our coverage checker >. Simply click on Rural Broadband and then the corresponding 3G and 4G tabs to show respective coverage areas. 

NB: In some cases your Marina may not show up in the coverage area (usually if the marina is based in an urban area), however there is a high chance that it falls within coverage so please click on ‘Mobile’ to double check.

Please contact RSE if you would like to get an antenna to boost coverage. 



  • Bayswater Marina
  • Chaffers Marina and Clyde Quay Boat Harbour, Wellington
  • Eastland Port Marina, Gisborne/Gisborne Inner Harbour Marina
  • Evans Bay Marina
  • Gulf Harbour Marina
  • Half Moon Bay Marina
  • Havelock Marina
  • Hobsonville Marina (Westpark Marina)
  • Kinloch Marina
  • Lytellton Marina – Dampier Bay
  • Mana Marina, Porirua
  • Marsden Cove Marina
  • Napier Marina
  • Nelson Marina
  • Orakei Marina
  • Picton Marina
  • Port Golden Bay Marina
  • Seaview Marina
  • Tauranga Bridge Marina
  • Tauranga marina/Sulphur Point Marina
  • Viaduct Marina
  • Westhaven Marina
  • Whangamata Marina
  • Whangarei Marina
  • Whitianga Marina

What Our Customers Think

Product Terms & Setup

Modem & Setup

There’s an investment of $329 for a powerful 4G enabled RBI Modem.

This comes with an open term meaning you can put your connection on hold or cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice. 

Add-on Data Bundles (optional)
  • 5GB – $15.50 per month
  • 10GB – $27.50 per month
  • 20GB – $48.50 per month
  • 50GB – $99.50 per month
  • 100GB – $189.50 per month

    *Our add-on data bundles are very flexible, so you only pay for the months you require.

Excess Data Usage Fee

$0.0086 per MB for excess data usage  

How can I keep track of my usage?

You will receive a notification at 80% and 100% of your data used and you can look up in Wireless Nation’s online portal how much data has been used or how much you have left.

If you run out of data you can request a data pack, or upgrade to the next bigger plan from within the online portal.

Can I use it anywhere in NZ?

There’s 480 cell towers located around the country to connect to. You must be in RBI Wireless coverage to get NZMCA Data. You can check coverage by going to:, and selecting the appropriate tabs.

It also works in most holiday spots, towns and cities.


Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed

This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale