My Hub

How to navigate your new customer portal, My Hub. 

How do I check my internet usage?
  • Click Usage



  • Click Internet



You’ll find information related to your data. Below explains what each section means.


Here you can find your total data usage per day for the date period chosen, showing both download and upload data. You can use the toggle on the top right hand corner to switch between ‘Total’ (total usage), and Off-Peak Usage (data used between midnight – 6am).





Here is the most important section for the majority of our customers. Here you can find how much data you have used out of your data cap, and Off-Peak data cap.

Green = total monthly plan data
Yellow = total monthly plan data used
Blue = total monthly Off-Peak data
Red = total monthly Off-Peak data used


How do I check my home phone usage?
  • Click Usage



  • Click Voice



  • You can find the breakdown of the duration and cost of all your calls. Further down the page you will find more specific details of every call you have made. 



How do auto & manual data top ups work?
  • Click Services



  • Click Top-Up




  • Enable Auto top-up



  • Set your Auto top-up data pack



  • Set how many data pack top ups you allow automatically pack per month, and press save. 




  • Select Make Top-up under MANUAL TOP-UP



  • Select a Top-up data pack, and press Top-up to add


How do I view my invoices?
  • Click Billing



  • Then click Invoices




  • You can also check your statement history by clicking Statements instead of Invoices


How can I make a payment?
  • Click Billing




  • Set up Direct Debit via your bank account




  • [COMING SOON] You can make a manual payment using our Credit Card via Payment Express



How do I access & create help tickets?
  • Click Tickets



  • You can Create ticket in the top right hand corner



  • You can check and reply to tickets by pressing on the Ticket Subject





  • You can Reopen a Closed Ticket by clicking on the following icon. 


What is the 'Messages' section for?
  • The Messages section shows any important or relevant information related to your account, plan or service, or updates from Wireless Nation. 


What is the 'Documents' section for?
  • The Documents section holds documents uploaded by us relevant to your account. 


How can I change my details?
  • Click Profile



  • Change details and press Save