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Mobile Roaming Overseas

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Roaming is activated on your connection by default. To enjoy using your mobile phone service overseas, check that the “Roaming” setting is enabled on your handset.

Auto-Buy Roaming Packs:

For your convenience, our system adds roaming packs automatically, if you are in a roaming pack supported country. This helps prevent expensive casual roaming charges. You can find the cost for each roaming pack and which countries they are available in, in our mobile rate card.

  • A roaming pack comes with 2GB of data, 300 incoming mins, 300 outgoing mins and 300 texts and is valid for 14 days. Another roaming pack is added automatically after 14 days, or prior, if any of the four components runs out.
  • You will continue using the same roaming pack when moving from one roaming pack country to another roaming pack country, however, causal roaming charges apply in-flight or while you are on cruise ships.
  • Roaming usage records can take hours or even days to show in MyHub (as overseas networks are sometimes delayed to send these records to us).
  • Roaming packs cannot be cancelled or refunded after purchase.

If you are experiencing issues using the service overseas, please see this help article

Please keep in mind: in countries where roaming packs are not available as well as on planes and (cruise) ships, expensive casual roaming charges apply. These can easily add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, so please check out our mobile rate card and get in touch with us if you have any questions before you travel!

How to stop Roaming:

  • Disable the roaming setting on your handset before travelling overseas.
  • Advise us to disable roaming feature(s) before you travel overseas.
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