Whether your business is large or small, rural or urban – we’ve got the right broadband solution to suit your needs.

Cloud PABX

Our Cloud PABX phone solution is a reliable and cost effective software-based telephone system for businesses - all that you need is an internet connection and an IP handset. More >

Fibre Air Bridge

Is your business outside of Fibre zone? We can connect you to the nearest Fibre network in your region through Fibre Air Bridge. More >

Cloud ISP

Are you an IT company with an existing customer base? Start your own ISP to provide an extra service and an additional revenue stream. More >

Custom Solutions

Tricky problem? We provide custom solutions to get you connected, whether you live in a remote area or need coverage over a large area. More >

Wi-Fi Hotspots

We provide fully managed wi-fi hotspots for bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, airports and other public places. More >

Building Solutions

Easy to install. Wireless Nation specialises in providing super fast broadband to multi-dwelling units such as apartments, hotels, and office blocks. More >

Wireless Network Design

Whether it’s a large farm, campus, multi-office building, apartment, subdivision or more, we can design wireless networks to suit your location.

Emergency Response

No matter what kind of emergency it is, or where is happens, Wireless Nation can help you restore communication. More >

Satellite as a Backup or Failover

We can provide your business with a Satellite Broadband connection as a backup or failover to your primary connection. More >


Multiple Site Content Delivery

Deliver content to multiple sites reliably through a singular upload saving you time and money. More >


Our satellite network supports SCADA and will provide the reliability and speed for real time gathering and analysing of information. More >


Event Connectivity & Transactions

Simple to install, our satellite network supports the use of ATM and EFTPOS terminals over large remote geographical areas. More >

Centralised Video Surveillance

Our satellite network makes centralised video surveillance simple, affordable and consistent. More >


Wireless Nation provides a wide range of C-COM products including iNetVu Auto Aligning Antennas. More >



Our satellite network supports Citrix and will provide the reliability and speed required for secure, on-demand access to these resources. More >

Wireless Nation are able to provide personalised solutions designed to your business needs.

Whether it be for an event, extremely remote site, entire CBD Wi-Fi, through to a multi-site WAN or corporate network, Wireless Nation can assist with a smart solution to solve virtually any challenge.

Contact us today. We look forward to discussing your needs.