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A Complete Telco Solution for Your Bed and Breakfast

At Wireless Nation, we understand the unique needs of the hospitality industry, and we’re committed to providing top-notch customer service and diverse network options to your Bed and breakfast business.


Why Choose Wireless Nation for Your Bed and Breakfast:

  • Simplified Solutions: Say goodbye to dealing with multiple telco providers. Wireless Nation offers a full suite of products, including internet, mobile, and intelligent WiFi, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your B&B.
  • Secure Guest Access: With Plume WiFi, you can ensure your guests enjoy a safe internet experience with AI-powered enterprise-grade security. Say hello to easy and reliable WiFi access, leaving your guests impressed with their stay.
  • Customised Packages: We understand that every business is unique. Our Business team will work closely with you to create a solution that perfectly suits your B&B, with full-premise WiFi coverage and more.
  • Great Coverage: With access to several different networks, we’ve got you covered. Experience our exceptional services from the heart of the city to the tranquillity of the countryside.

Explore Wireless Nation’s Plume WiFi:

Discover the power of Plume, a revolutionary WiFi solution designed to transform your B&B. Unleash the true potential of your business with a complete network management system with AI-powered enterprise-grade security, all wrapped up into an elegant user-friendly solution. It automatically adjusts to your guests’ needs, keeping them connected and satisfied throughout their stay.

Visit our Plume page for more information and why it’s the ideal choice for your Bed and Breakfast

Mobile Phone Services:

Stay connected wherever you go with our reliable mobile phone plans powered by the Spark NZ network. Experience crystal-clear calls and comprehensive coverage, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Staying Safe Online Courses – Free for Bed and Breakfast Association Members:

At Wireless Nation, we prioritise the safety and security of our customers. As a Bed and Breakfast Association member, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Staying Safe Online Courses, equipping you and your staff with the knowledge and tools to safeguard your business and guests from online threats.

Wireless Nation Ltd.
Based on 763 reviews
Fantastic service from a professional and helpful team of techs, I have had nothing but excellent service from Wireless Nation.The signal has been great and have no problems in the South Island and most of the North Island, the only spot of lack of even 1 bar has been on the farm in Towai where our friends have to use star link to get a reliable internet service.So thank you all at Wireless Nation for your incredible service and wonderful friendly staff, and in closing I recommend your company to all I meet.
John Stevenson
We changed suppliers and at the time we were having problems with changing over our phones and the technical department from Wireless Nation were very patient with me and it was solved. Next we wanted to change broadband from wireless to fibre and same thing happened things should have been easy but my ability with my computer didn't go well but over a period of time we achieved the result we wanted. The technical department were marvelous and very patient and we fully recommend them for phones and broadband for older people like ourselves.Bryan Lack.Waimangaroa, Buller
Bryan Lack
Pretty well always find them responsive and helpful
Alan Withy
Great customer service by knowledgeable, and interested! staffWould recommend to others
Steve Courtenay
I am stoked to be with Wireless Nation. What a revelation! Wifi I can take with me anywhere there's cellphone coverage... I'm going to start using it at home - even though we already have Wifi there. It means my Wifi will always be fast - even though everyone else in the house is online.Okay... I just did a test. I phoned Wireless Nation to see how fast and how good they are at answering their phone. The reason I am doing this is to show you how much better Wireless Nation is than my terrible home Wifi provider, Spark (whom I utterly despise because of Spark's disgustingly bad phone support).Wireless Nation answered the phone on the first ring! I needed a spare power adapter (so I can use Wireless Nation in my home instead of using our existing Spark Wifi). The business was sorted within a minute. Absolutely brilliant performance. Wireless Nation are truly great to deal with. Can't recommend them highly enough.Hah! I went to Post this review and I couldn't because the Spark Wifi was playing up yet again. All day yesterday and again today. Grrrrr! So, I shifted the cars out of the driveway and parked them along the street. Then I went and got my bus and parked it in front of the house - and now I have Wireless Nation Wifi at home - and it works perfectly. Thanks, Wireless Nation. You rule.
Black Pete
This Company has been my long time ISP Provider and as a customer they have always been available to help with any issues I have had over the years not that I have had too many however my issues have solely been because I have so much to learn about computers and the Internet but when I do need help I reach out to them and they always resolve my worries and never make me feel like I am a bother to them or that I am a 'dummy' so I will probably stay with this Company for more years to come such great service and being on a tight pension it is also affordable for me so anyone looking for great service and affordability take a look at this Company WIRELESS NATION LTD I cannot speak more highly of a great team of workers and support
Liz Barakat
Awesome products, service & coverage.I've been travelling in my motorhome off & on for over 12 years now and have never been anywhere in NZ where my WirelessNation (WN) modem has failed. At worst I've had 1 bar but still functional !! I have now packaged my phone acc as well with WN as an all in one acc for all my digital & data needs as I trust them completely to continue to provide high quality service & products. Thank you WN, very impressiveHappy customerDee
Dee Lukey
If you appreciate service and customer care and efficient... this is the best place
Jacqueline Hayn
Highly recommend Wireless Nation. Great service, well priced, the only Company that would/could give us Wireless coverage in our rural location. If on the rare occasion we have had issues with our service, their friendly helpful staff fix it super-fast. They also supply our landline service. Top, top people ******AAAAAA
Sandra Grubham
Great experience with Wireless Nation. The wireless modem serves as our internet in the home and we take the same modem away with us in the Motorhome. Works a treat either on Netflix or YouTube, very happy with it and saves us money overall.
Jim Fougere
Great Service from a Company that meets the expectations of its customers
Bruce Tudor
A very good unit very happy with it. And the best part is we can take it away in our motorhome as well.
Ian Sime
Actual humans answer the call, and you don't have to go via some 5-layered voice prompt system asking for everything, including your neighbour's cat's birthdate.Support will resolve most issues on the first call or ring back once the issue has been resolved.The mobile broadband coverage over the past two years has become very good. Over the summer, I travel in my motorhome and work remotely for about 5 months a year, soon to be full-time. I track all my sites and the wireless coverage, download/upload speeds. I have noticed those I previously marked as poor are now becoming excellent.Anyone who asks me about my mobile broadband internet, I will always proudly say Wireless Nation.
Gavin Smith (MyAdventures)
Excellent service with importantly being able to talk to a real person to help in solving any issues
Terry Marsh
I have been with Wireless Nation for around 7 years..great service over that time..being totally mobile we always have internet at a great price.We use our modem at home as well with no problems.Thanks Wireless Nation.
Bryan May
An awesome company whose staff go well beyond the norm to support and help their customers. Highly recommended.
Grant McMillan
I have been with Wireless Nation for many years and would highly recommend them, as a service second to none.I hear many people having problems with their internet provider, not me, if by chance I've had to contact them ( which is very rare)Your talking to a human, not a answering service.....I have found them to be extremely helpful and respectful.Keep up the good work Wireless Nation...
vicki fryer
Good communication when a problem. Easy to talk to staff in Auckland!
Anne Stratford
Excellent ,fast, professional service.
Eddy van Duyn
We're very happy with the service and backup we've had from Wireless Nation. Several times we've had issues and they've resolved the problems promptly and well. Thanks very much.
Pistolero Shooter

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