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At Wireless Nation, our WiFi systems cater for rural residents, island-dwellers and even boats – making internet at sea just as seamless as on land. 

An exciting customer who we provide wireless internet for is Ownaship, a boat share management company and boat brokerage. Ownaship specialise in providing a luxury walk on, walk off service for their owners, making boat ownership easy, affordable and hassle free. 



Why was internet at sea so important?


Ownaship’s team are committed to providing the highest level of hospitality for their customers. A key nature of their boat share service is relaxation and of this, entertainment and communication is crucial.

When their clients buy shares on a boat they look for every detail – WiFi on boats is part of this. We chatted with Melanie from Ownaship about the demand of wireless internet at sea, and the many reasons clients optimise WiFi on board.

“Essentially, when our shareholders are at sea, they’re there to have a holiday. Many of them want to watch sports, entertain the kids or indulge in some Netflix. Some of them even work remotely, carrying on business – so offering WiFi on-boat is super convenient for them.”


Their service has excelled since on-boarding wireless internet



When asked of the importance and value of a strong, wireless internet connection on their boat shares, Ownaship shared:

“We can provide all the amenities and comforts – including internet at sea. People want to watch the rugby, or keep up with the latest Netflix series while at sea; so the excellent water coverage that Wireless Nation provides works really well with our service.”


We’ve helped customers receive a smooth and seamless experience


While we’re specialists in reaching the tricky spots, it’s no secret that New Zealand’s remote areas across the ocean can limit internet access. We endeavour to combat the challenge and cover most areas across NZ with a connection. 

We asked Ownaship for some valuable feedback, and were over the moon to hear that their experience with us is a good one.

“We are very happy with the Wireless Nation service. We’ve encountered no problems with the wireless internet across our 19 boats. We are more than happy to continue working with them, and would definitely recommend them to other companies.”  

The efficiency of fast internet gives Ownaship shareholders the flexibility to wander the New Zealand seas, with the internet access they need! No longer do they have to work in-office all year round – anyone can grab their laptop, jump on the boat and work from the ocean.

“We choose Wireless Nation as our provider because they have good reception, good reviews and fair pricing.”


Keeping Kiwi’s connected at sea




We’re all too familiar with the need for internet access across New Zealand’s waters. And with many Kiwi’s owning boats and getting out on the ocean – it’s a desire to fulfill that’s not only important to Ownaship’s shareholders.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Coastguard to bring their members broadband that’s accessible on a boat, bach or vehicle.

Members of Coastguard can get access to additional monthly data and a discounted modem on our lifestyle broadband, where a portion of the revenue of each connection goes directly back to Coastguard in support of saving lives at sea.


Find out more about our packages for Coastguard members here.

Venturing into the deep blue? Talk with the Wireless Nation team about our solutions for internet at sea.