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How to setup my BYO Fibre modem or router?

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If you need help setting up your own modem, we recommend that you contact the modem manufacturer or refer to your modem’s manual for help with the setup.

Here are the contact details of some common manufacturers:

If you are planning on using your own modem or router for Fibre Broadband you will need to make sure it’s compatible with our network and configure a few settings.

First, check your modem’s user guide to make sure the settings will work with our Network. You will need to set up the device with the following settings:

Note: Your Username and Password will be provided by us.
PPP Username: xxxxxxxxx
PPP Password: xxxxxxxxxx
You will also need to check that the following settings are correct:


  • Operating mode: MDI/MDIX
  • PPP protocol: PPPoE
  • PPP auth type: PAP
  • PPP mode: Always on (dial on demand disabled)
  • Encapsulation: 802.1Q
  • PCP marking: 0
  • VID (or VLAN): 10
  • MTU: Auto or 1500
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