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Satellite internet connection saving lives for YSAR

NB: As of 2023, Wireless Nation does not offer satellite broadband services. 

Search and rescue equipment is a vital ingredient to YSAR’s work. Without a rural internet connection, their field work suffers – we needed to help.

Reliable communication has always been an integral part of the work done at Youth Search and Rescue (YSAR)

Conducting field operations and teaching students often requires working in remote areas of the country. The team relies heavily on the most modern technology to be able to communicate and effectively save lives. 


YSAR is all about fostering innovative use of technology


Within the extensive 3 year course the YSAR offers students and youth, technology plays a major part in teaching skills, and completing operations. 

Students learn the fundamentals in navigation, environmental conservation, and first aid – but working with limited intelligence to manage incidents and set up communications is where rural internet really becomes essential.

“Working with latest technology offers students an array of career opportunities. We give them real world issues and the technology to save them.”

Steve Campbell, Youth Search and Rescue


YSAR Wireless Nation YSAR Satellite Internet


In need of a connection


With the unique and challenging terrain we face in Aotearoa, it’s not always easy to get a connection. In fact, most search and rescue areas have limited-to-no cellular coverage – meaning satellite internet is the only way to reach people in an emergency.

YSAR’s important job saving New Zealanders and educating our youth wasn’t made easy without internet. Their communication, and search and rescue equipment needed advancing in order for their work to grow and become more effective.

At Wireless Nation we knew our satellite internet could connect the whole team at YSAR – allowing both the safe operation of their current work, and an advance for their future. In 2018, YSAR joined us in a partnership.


Satellite internet has made a world of difference to YSAR


Under our new partnership, YSAR’s work and ability to effectively connect to their team has risen, and their search and rescue equipment has greatly improved.

Satellite internet communication has drastically changed the dynamic of field operations. The team have been able to: 

  • Open a direct line of communication to the police 
  • Get remote access for tech support 
  • Integrate thermal imagery into their searches

“It’s essential that everyone is online, and Wireless Nation has allowed us to do that. They are key to that going forward to providing that link.”

– Steve Campbell, Youth Search and Rescue 

YSAR Satellite Internet YSAR Satellite Internet


Advancing crucial projects


The Field Force Management program has seen a particular development, thanks to the satellite internet provided by Wireless Nation.

The project is focused on research and development to improve intelligence from their base of operations to the field operatives. The project works to develop a system to push out field maps, photos, and tasking, through a digital telemetry stream over the radio network. It’s essential when conducting operations. 

Previously the program hasn’t been possible due to lack of 3G network that is required. But because of Wireless Nations satellite internet connection, the program has been stitched together through an online platform. 

It is well underway to improving YSAR’s work, and the new systems will allow significant operational advantage to saving lives. 


Looking forward with satellite internet


There’s no doubt that lives will be saved as a result of improved technology.

The team at YSAR are always looking to innovate and work with the most modern resources. Now with the satellite internet provided by us at Wireless Nation, they’re closer than ever to further improving their connection. 

At Wireless Nation, we recognise how important communication is to the work of the YSAR and as a result, the lives of our New Zealanders. 

Our satellite internet connection has already increased the functionality of their search and rescue equipment – and with that comes the opening for new methods to improve the overall outlook on search results.

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