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What to expect from my Portable WiFi

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Our portable WiFi is a portable modem that works just like the one at home. Everyone’s devices can stay online on your journey and at your destination — phones, watches, tablets, laptops, and eReaders can automatically connect to your onboard WiFi, and stay connected.

What coverage can I expect while travelling with my Portable WiFi?

There are 1,750+ cell towers located around the country to connect to. You must be in 4G coverage to use Portable WiFi.

Follow these steps to check coverage: 

  1. Click here to view our coverage map.
  2. Click on the ‘Mobile’ tab and type your location into the ‘Enter your location’ section.
  3. Click on the “4G” tab to confirm whether you’re in 4G coverage. 
  4. Tip: zoom out so you can see coverage better.

What internet speeds can I expect?

  • You’ll need to be in 4G coverage for the broadband to work.
  • Our Portable WiFi products are a ‘best effort’ service and factors such as the performance of your modem, the distance you are from a cell tower, the network capability, the overall use of that cell tower by other customers, the performance and age of the devices you are using will influence the internet speeds you experience while travelling with the modem.
  • The average speed is 50Mbps download and 17Mbps upload — (MBNZ Spring 2024). You may experience higher or lower speeds than this.
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