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Tips and tricks to manage my data usage

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Here’s some helpful tips on managing data usage:

  • Most data gets used when video is streamed; consider setting your streaming settings in Netflix, YouTube, etc. to a lower resolution, saving data.
  • Close down apps on your phone when it’s connected to the WiFi so they don’t keep using data in the background.
  • Turn off automatic software updates on your mobile phone and other devices.
  • Restrict iTunes and App Store downloads.
  • Review all electronic devices that are connected via WiFi or connected to your modem.
  • PlayStation and Xbox game updates consume huge amounts of data so turn off automatic updates.

Netflix and other streaming platforms support pages state that if you are using the casting icon, it will always stream the video (and use data) to your Chromecast or other device, even if you have downloaded that video to your device. The only way to avoid that is to download and then use screen mirroring options instead. Here’s examples on how to mirror with Android & Apple devices.

We suggest you check with your streaming platform provider (NetflixNEONDisney+ etc.) to see how it affects your data use and search for ways to mirror your specific device.

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