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How to port and keep your existing mobile phone number

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You will need to update your existing mobile service provider that you are changing over to Wireless Nation or NZMCA Mobile and would like to retain your mobile number. This is called number porting. 

Wireless Nation will require the following information if you would like to retain your existing mobile number.

  • Mobile Number(s).
  • Your Account Number with the existing service provider.
  • The Name as it appears on your invoices from them.
  • Name of your existing service provider.
  • Sim Card number (if you are on a prepaid plan).

Once we submit the request, you will receive a 2 Factor Authentication SMS from your existing service provider to confirm if you would like to authorise the porting out. Please make sure that you reply YES within 2 hours of receiving the SMS as it has a validity of 2 hours.

Note: If you did not reply within 2 hours, you will need to get in touch with us as we will need to apply the port request again for restarting the process.

P.s. if you have saved contacts on the sim card, please make sure you transfer them to your phone’s memory to prevent losing them when you change sim cards.

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