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How to run a speed test (and why it’s important to do so)

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It is good practice to perform and record speed tests to measure your connection performance and improvement throughout the troubleshooting process.

How do I run a speed test?

  1. Connect your device to the modem:
    • If your device has an ethernet port, we recommend plugging it directly into the modem using an ethernet cable.
    • If your device is using WiFi, please make sure it is located next to the modem when doing the testing.
  1. Open the following link to run a speed test:
  2. It is important to run multiple speed tests
    • We recommend you have at least 3 results from different times of the day, if your speeds are poor then please contact our team and provide the speed test results, and the date and time of each test.

Why speed tests are important

Check actual speeds: a speed test allows you to measure the actual speed of your internet connection.

Diagnose issues: if you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or performance issues, a speed test can help identify whether the problem is with your internet connection or related to a specific device, network configuration, or other factors.

Support for technical assistance: If you ever need to contact us for technical assistance, having recent speed test results can provide concrete data about your connection’s performance, aiding in the troubleshooting process.

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