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How do I connect my home phone to the modem?

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If we have sent you a phone line adapter, similar or identical to the following image, follow these steps to connect your home phone to your modem.

Phone Adapter






On the back of your adapter, there are three ports (from left to right), the blue port is the internet connection, the small port in the centre is for power, and the green port is for plugging in your phone.


Phone Adapter




Connect the adapter to your internet modem first, then connect your phone, and then apply power to the adapter.  It should look a little like the below image:


Phone Adapter





The power light flashes for 30 seconds while it starts up. The internet light flashes at any time, showing that it is sending and receiving information.  The phone light is solid when ready to use.  It will flash while you are on a call, or have voicemail waiting.

You should now be able to use your home phone.

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