Satellite Broadband

UNLIMITED DATA TRIAL: We're trialing the next generation Satellite Broadband with unlimited data. The goal of the trial is to officially launch affordable unlimited Satellite Broadband with connection speeds fast enough to stream ultra high definition video anywhere in New Zealand in early 2020. Please contact us, or signup below if you're interested in being an early adopter in this game changing trial.

Please note this is a trial for 12 months. Our tried and tested Optus Satellite solution is still available for existing and new customers.  

Satellite broadband provides internet via satellite. This is delivered to a dish at your house and is available in even the most remote locations.

We use modern technology so you get a smooth and fast browsing experience, allowing you to do everything from sending emails to watching YouTube.


Are you a business?

The plan below is a trial for residential home users. For a Business Satellite Broadband solution please call us on 0800 101 143 or contact us here to discuss your requirements to suit your business. We can also offer dedicated bandwidth, enhanced QoS, satellite broadband fail-over for fibre, wireless or copper broadband outages, phone solutions and more.

Satellite Broadband


Fair use policy applies

  • New installation required
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free email account
  • NZ help desk

$199.00 /mth Incl GST

Home Phone Add-on

Our Home Phone Line is cheaper, has more features than a standard phone, and you can keep your existing number*. Calling add-ons available.


Home phone line add-on starts from:

$5 /mth Incl GST

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All pricing includes GST. 

Contract Term Options:

  • Open term -- Buy the equipment and you can give us 30 days' notice anytime.
  • 24 month contract -- we'll provide you the equipment on free lease.  

One-off investments:

  • Installing a two-way communication satellite internet solution is a specialised task and needs to be done by a trained professional for high precision alignment and modem configuration. We have a nationwide network of contractors and can arrange for one of them to come and complete the work for you. Total installation and setup is $999 plus travel mileage of $1.15 per km. This includes the change over to the planned permanent unlimited service around January 2020.
  • (Open term only) High quality Gilat Satellite equipment for your premises (mount, satellite dish, LNB, BUC, satellite modem) for $2,000

    NB: let us know if you own existing satellite equipment at your premises. 

  • Optional high spec Router for Wireless and VoIP - $249


Existing customers on Optus plans

Existing Optus Plans

  • 10GB (+10GB free off peak) @ $135 per month
  • 20GB (+20GB free off peak) @ $179 per month
  • 30GB (+60GB free off peak) @ $259 per month
  • 40GB (+60GB free off peak) @ $349 per month
  • 50GB (+60GB free off peak) @ $429 per month

Add-On Data Bundles (Optional for existing customers on Optus Satellite plans)*:

  • 1GB - $30 per month
  • 2GB - $40 per month
  • 5GB - $80 per month
  • 10GB - $150 per month
  • 20GB - $240 per month
  • More available if required

    *Our add-on data bundles are very flexible, so you only pay for the months you require. 

Excess Data Usage: 

  • 3.5 cents per MB for excess data usage (add-on bundles is a cost-effective option or we suggest you upgrade your plan)

Early exit fees for customers on a contract:

  • An early exit fee of $983.25 applies in the first 1-12 months
  • An early exit fee of $458.85 applies during 13-24 months
  • An early exit fee of $228.85 applies during 25-36 months (if you're on an older 36 month contract plan)

    NB: If another product offered by Wireless Nation becomes available at your location we will switch you over and waive the early termination fee. 


  • Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed
  • Internet speed can be affected by devices on your home network or by interference on your local WI-FI
  • This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale
  • Satellite Broadband on the Chatham Islands may incur additional costs