Chatham Islands

Wireless Nation provides a broadband service to selected homes and businesses on the Chatham Islands, via the Optus Satellite network and wireless technology.  

Wireless over Satellite (WoS) provides broadband using our Wireless Network to homes and businesses within 1.5 - 2 kilometres of one of our wireless antennas in Waitangi, Owenga and Kaingaroa or within 5 kilometres of our antenna on Target Hill on Chatham Island. If you’re within range of one of these towers – then you can likely get our service. 

We use a satellite connection from the Optus D2 network to our wireless antennas on the island, and then it’s a short hop from the wireless antenna to a small receiver which is installed outside on a wall or on the roof. 

Why Wireless over Satellite?  

  • It’s cheaper to install compared to satellite broadband 
  • The wireless connection is a very short distance, and it’s reliable 
  • It uses the Optus satellite network, which is the leading satellite network in New Zealand

I'm out of coverage, what can I do?

We can still connect you using an extension method (WoS Extend), or via Satellite Broadband if an extension is not an option. Both methods come with different costs so if you find yourself out of coverage of one of our towers, please send us a message so we can provide you an individual quote based on your requirements. 

Need a phone line?

We can provide you a VoIP phone line, however we don't recommend it due to varying performance over the Chatham Islands network. 

Chatham Islands


  • NZs leading satellite network
  • Free 5GB off peak data
  • Free email account
  • Local support

$99.90 /mth Incl GST

Chatham Islands


  • NZs leading satellite network
  • Free 10GB off peak data
  • Free email account
  • Local support

$149.90 /mth Incl GST

Chatham Islands


  • NZs leading satellite network
  • Free 20GB off peak data
  • Free email account
  • Local support

$199.90 /mth Incl GST

VoIP Add-on

Our VoIP Phones are cheaper, have more features than a standard phone, and you can keep your existing number*. You also get free local & national calls to landlines.


VoIP phone add-on:

$20 /mth Incl GST

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All pricing is inclusive of GST.


Setup, Shipment & Installation:

  • $289 standard installation (this includes equipment configuration, provisioning, shipping and installation)
  • Mileage of $1.33 per km from the nearest installers base

Outside of coverage?

Extension: We'll quote individually for the equipment, configuration, shipment and installation (approx $800-$1,000). The WoS Extend only works as long as the house bridging the gap to you gives consent and has power switched on to the devices. 

Add-On Data Bundles (Optional)*:

  • 5GB - $49 per month
  • 10GB - $89 per month

*Our add-on data bundles are very flexible, so you only pay for the months you require.

Contract Term:

  • 12 months

*30 days notice must be given on a 12 month contract.

Excess Data Usage Fee: 

  • 3 cents per MB for excess data usage.

Early Exit Fee:

  • An early exit fee of $228.85 applies.


  • Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed.
  • This is a best efforts residential service and is not to be used for business or re-sale.
  • There will be a charge for subsequent installer visits if you request one.