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NZMCA Data Masters

Gain skills to help other NZMCA members on the road.


NZMCA Data Master

Are you someone who likes helping people, solving problems, or interested in technology? 

Wireless Nation is looking to team up with fellow NZMCA members to support and provide a helping hand to other members on NZMCA Data and Mobile when they are requiring some simple connectivity assistance on the road, at parks, or at rallies.

As a potential founding NZMCA Data Master, you will have a say in how this initiative develops, to be able to best assist other members.

This is an opportunity for you to continue the community spirit NZMCA members have built over the years and be equipped with information to provide the real story, when it comes to connectivity – as we know, a lot of false information floats around the internet!

We will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a certified NZMCA Data Master to help support your fellow NZMCA members, from solving simple issues on the spot or helping them with sign up, should they wish to.

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