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Be part of our Data Masters Community

and gain skills to help other NZMCA members on the road.


NZMCA Data Master

Are you someone who likes helping people, solving problems, or is interested in technology? 

Wireless Nation has a fantastic team of Data Masters and would love to have you join in too!  

If you love the community spirit NZMCA members have built over the years, being an NZMCA Data Master could be your calling. 

Data Masters learn the correct answers to simple questions that NZMCA members often have regarding Portable WiFi, Mobile, and Home Fibre. This can help fellow members immensely.  

Data Masters have special access to Wireless Nation’s private Facebook group where both Data Masters and Wireless Nation Staff discuss new ideas and initiatives, shaping the future of products for NZMCA members. The group members often catch up at events, rallies, and shows.

To join, complete the free online course successfully, then request to join our private Facebook group below.

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