The NZMCA has teamed up with Wireless Nation to bring its members motorhome and caravan broadband that is fast, consistent and affordable. Providing big data at a very competitive price, the new services ensure you’ll be able to surf the net, stream video and do all your online banking from your motorhome or caravan.

Using long range fixed wireless towers, your motorhome or caravan can now connect wirelessly through Wireless Nation to any of the 480 towers located across the country. You check coverage using our coverage map >

There's three awesome monthly plans to choose from:

  • 40GB @ $79 per month
  • 130GB @ $99 per month
  • 220GB @ $159 per month

Setup is painless, Wireless Nation will send you a plug and play modem and in most cases you’re ready to go. There’s a one-off investment of $299 for a powerful 4G capable modem which comes on an open term contract. Terms and conditions apply.*

The modem alone will work well in most locations around the country.

"This product has completely revolutionised my life. I am a semi-retired Master/engineer who for some time does pre-purchase surveys, and SOP inspections.

The issue has always been connectivity. Previously I had nothing but on-going battles. As I live and work from my mobile home around the country. This meant I need to either use my mobile as a hotspot, or the campground as a wireless -- and would pay tons. One Gigabite of data for $20! My phone bills were in the $250 to $300 range - it was pricing me out of the market and making my semi-retirement almost unworkable! 

Now, I can do all my work, and not worry about anything. Congratulations to the Association and to Wireless Nation for working out a deal and for the ease and complete work-ability of the system." - Stan Collett #42163

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

Signup to NZMCA DATA is easy using the online portal at NZMCA's website. Just click on the button, fill out all the required fields and Wireless Nation will sort the rest out for you. 

* Quick terms and conditions:
- You'll need to setup a direct debit with Wireless Nation; your monthly subscription will auto-renew and be debited from your card automatically. This is the simple, safe and convenient way to manage your payment.
- A filter is required with the use of a cigarette lighter adapter (ask RSE about this).
- You'll need to be in RBI coverage for the broadband to work.
- This offer is not available in conjunction with other promotions, partner or bundle deals.
- Standard Wireless Nation terms and conditions apply.