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What 12V adapter do I have?

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Existing customers who didn’t purchase a 12-24V adapter during signup can order one here.

Occasionally we change the equipment that is supplied to customers. Depending on when you signed up with us you may have different equipment than what is currently available.

Our 12V power adapter is engineered to convert from your vehicle’s DC power system into a steady and reliable 12V output for your devices. We recommend using our power adapter instead of any 3rd party units as our device is tested and guaranteed to work with Wireless Nation modems.

Our adapters have built in voltage regulation and a self recovery fuse that is designed to protect both the adapter and connected devices from overcurrent or voltage irregularities. In the event of an overcurrent situation or if the input voltage goes out of the excepted input range, the fuse will activate and cut off power delivery. It will automatically reset and allow power delivery to resume once the input voltage returns to the safe operating range.

Below we have listed all DC filter adapters that we have provided in the past so you are aware of the electrical specifications of the unit you have.

It’s important to note the input range of your unit as not all devices support a 24V system (if this is the case for you and you need one that supports 24V, please call our team on 09 280 3672).

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