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My invoice amount or account balance is different than I expected?

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Below are some of the main reasons why your account balance or invoiced amount might be different than what you expected.

What is my account balance?

Your account balance is the current amount that you owe us or that you are in credit with us.

  • a positive balance means a debit and you owe us
  • a negative balance means that you have credit with us

How is my account balance calculated?

The account balance is made up of all transactions that have taken place

  • monthly plan charges
  • top up data packs purchased (if you are on a capped plan)
  • calling charges (if you have a phone service)


  • any payments made in the past
  • any credit notes
  • any promo discounts

Why is my invoice more or less than my usual monthly plan fee?

There might also be calling charges if you have a phone line with us or there might be top up data packs if you are on a capped plan. The details on the invoice will show you what the charge is for. You can log into your MyHub account to check detailed phone call records.

If this is one of your first bills from us, it might cover a little more or less than a full month to bring you in line with our calendar month billing cycle. Please check your invoice for the invoiced period:

Next steps you can take

If the above does not explain your invoice or account balance, you can log into your MyHub account to check for more details. You can find invoices, transactions, data usage & more in MyHub. If there are still questions left, please email us at

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