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I’m having trouble paying my bill

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When is my bill due for payment?
The due date for all monthly invoices for Individual customers will be the final day of the month that the invoice is issued.

What if I forget to pay my bill on time?
We send out reminder notifications when the due date is approaching & another reminder is sent when the invoice becomes overdue for payment. Accounts are suspended once payment is a week overdue.

What if I have difficulty paying the bill by the due date?
We may be able to offer a payment extension in some circumstances, please contact us via email or phone to see what is available to you.

Will my account be suspended if it is overdue?
Yes, your connection will be suspended if there is an overdue balance after we have sent out reminder notifications & a week has passed without payment being received.
** Exception is if there is an active agreed payment arrangement setup on your account.

Do you charge late payment fees?
Wireless Nation does not charge a late payment fee. However, a collection fee will be charged if we have to pass your account to a third-party collection agency.

Can I dispute my debt?
Yes, you can by sending an email to or via phone giving details of the reason for the dispute, and all collection activity will be put on hold until the dispute is resolved.

What if I cannot pay my debt after it is suspended?
You can call or email us to see if you are eligible for a payment arrangement. Once an agreement is made we can activate the connection. Please note that the connection will be suspended again if the arrangement is not adhered to.

What if I do not pay my bill after suspension?
We will consider your account terminated if payment is not received within 7 days after suspension. Early Exit fees & any other applicable charges will be applied as per Wireless Nation’s Terms of Service.

How long do I have to pay my bill?
A final notice is sent out 7 days after suspension with a final date to pay, if payment is not received by the final date the account will be passed to a third-party collection agency. Collection fees will be added if passed to a collection agency.

I have bad credit, can I be a Wireless Nation customer?
Yes, it is possible to become a customer despite a bad credit history, however, it may come with a few extra requirements. Please give our accounts team a call on 09 280 3672 and they can discuss what would be required to become a customer. If we have had to refer your account to debt collection previously then we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to hold an account with us again.

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