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How much is excess or over usage?

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New Wireless Plans

Your connection will continue to run at reduced speeds – a maximum of 1.2Mbps at no cost.

Older RBI Wireless Plans

If you run out of data, the new system will auto-top up your account with a 1GB data pack, up to 4 times.

After this, we’ll temporarily stop your connection and you’ll need to manually add a top-up with your required data pack within your MyHub account.

You can control your auto top-ups

It’s easy to change the maximum number of auto top-ups within your MyHub account. Here are a couple scenarios on how you can control your auto top-ups:

  1. You can set your connection to stop as soon as you have run out of data, and manually add a top up from within your MyHub account.
  2. You can set various data pack sizes to auto top up e.g. 5GB data pack to auto top up to 5 times, or 1GB up to 2 times. It’s all controllable to how you like it

We’ve done this so you don’t receive unexpected over usage bills and have more control over your data usage.

Data pack auto top-ups will be added straight away and your connection will restart as soon as you add more data.

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