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Are Wireless Nation’s wireless modems locked to a SIM card?

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Our wireless modems are not sim-locked. However, modems have a specific profile to work on our network which you might have to change if you use another provider and or if you want to come back onto our network – this can be quite tricky and if we help you with that, it would be a chargeable professional service.

In addition, some providers have restrictions on the IMEI range of allowed modems to ensure that only quality products are used and do not compromise the network. IMEI is a like a serial number of the modem and some providers require that the IMEI starts with a certain set of digits, effectively forcing you to use a certain device supplier and/or device.

So long answer short: we do not have any restriction for you to use other sim cards in our modem, but other providers might require you to use a certain device or modem.

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