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NB: As of 2023, Wireless Nation does not offer satellite broadband services. 

The wonderful world of satellite broadband

Bringing an internet connection to all corners of the world

Picture a big dish in the sky, 36,000km away, flying at the same speed as earth’s rotation and bouncing signals all over the globe. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But no, this is present day 2020, and this satellite is what’s bridging the digital gap for rural areas. 

Our satellite service enables remote internet access (and phone service) virtually anywhere, unhindered by earthly things like hills and big towers. It’s quite remarkable, if you think about it. Whether you’re in Auckland, the Catlins or the Chatham islands, you and your business can stay connected.



Satellite technology is here to support your home, business and lifestyle

So how does it work? To put it simply, it starts with a satellite on the ground. These vary depending on the service provider, and at Wireless Nation, we have chosen several of our most trusted partners carefully. After all, we’ve got over 15 years experience working with satellites, and we like to be picky. 

A signal is sent out to the aforementioned geostationary satellite (big dish in the sky), which bounces it back to reach the most remote areas of the earth. To use this signal, you just need access to power and a clear view of the sky – we’ll install your dish and modem.

Our satellite broadband service uses an advanced two-way communication to provide stable and dependable data and voice links across a broad area, simply and easily.


Enhancing rural connections



The world is going digital, and remote communities needn’t get left behind. Whether you’re living or running a business outside of fibre access, the satellites we use come in different flavours to suit your needs. 

From farmhouses, schools and secluded hotels to emergency services and hunters, Our satellite broadband service offers remote phone and internet connections to anyone who needs them.


Stable and dependable back-up for your business



As well as providing remote internet access, a satellite broadband connection can also act as a backup for terrestrial or fibre based wireless internet, as it’s unaffected by earthbound events like roadworks or outages. 

If you’re running a business, you’ll know the risks of not having a contingency plan. With only one fibre or copper internet connection, you’re susceptible to revenue loss, low productivity and damage to reputation if something goes wrong. 

Being connected to a satellite broadband network means all traffic can be routed here until the primary connection is restored, keeping your business up and running at all times.

At Wireless Nation, we’re proud to offer stable and robust internet connections for those who can’t afford to be offline, from call centres to emergency services.


Emergency and Disaster Recovery



Our satellite connections are exactly what you need in an emergency: reliable, resilient and quick to deploy. In the event of violent storms, earthquakes, wildfires or any disaster, it allows for the easy use of voice and data where other lines are destroyed or congested 

Satellite is a priceless tool for Search and Rescue, offering a connection to the most rugged parts of the country when you just need to find people, and fast.


Industry support

Some of the most important work happens at remote sites around Aotearoa, be that forestry, mining, boating or tourism. So shouldn’t these industries have access to reliable internet connections, whatever the conditions? 

A solid satellite broadband connection enables the show to go on in many ways, and here are a few examples of what can be done with a stable remote connection: 

  • Geomonitoring and testing
  • Reports and surveillance 
  • News and media uploads
  • Video streaming and live voice or video calls


It’s not all about data. Satellite phones have their part to play, too



A satellite phone (or Satcom) provides voice communication for people and businesses in the wildest of places. They’re ideal for anyone who needs constant contact, whether you’re a government agency, transport provider or emergency service.

Even the intrepid can be in range

For solo adventurers, hunters, sea-farers or the military, isolation can be part of the magic. But a satellite phone means unshakeable access to a port of call, if things ever go awry. 

There are different satellite phones for different needs. Read more about our Satcom services, or send us a message – we’ll figure out what you need. 


Things are improving fast

There are certainly cons that come along with satellite broadband – after all, the signal has to travel out to space and then back again! So, traditionally, people have paid for having remote internet access in the form of higher prices and slower speeds. 

But, the technology is only getting smarter and more affordable, and at Wireless Nation, we’re moving along with it. Loading speeds are getting faster, and video streaming is seamless.  

We don’t sit still – we believe everyone deserves access to a solid internet connection. In fact, it’s our mission, and we keep our eye on the ball so you don’t have to. 

You need the right satellite for the job 

It’s important that you get the right kind of satellite to do what you need it to. At Wireless Nation, we’re committed to keeping you one step ahead, and informed along the way. So what are your options? 

Optus D2 is a stable, reliable Ku-band satellite which has stood the test of time. If you need a solid connection to stand up to an earthquake, storm or any natural disaster, Optus is the best choice so far. Emergency services, this one’s for you. 

Kacific-1 is a new Ka-band satellite which was only launched last year. It is brand new technology, which means it can offer super fast connection speeds and unlimited data, but it’s new for us too. We’re encouraging homes and businesses who want to give this service a go, and are continuously monitoring its progress and collecting feedback. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all! 

LEO satellites are used by most satellite phones, orbiting lower than Optus and Kacific. They’re much closer to the planet, which means fewer long delays. At the moment, LEO satellites only service phones and tiny data, but a lot of development is being done on extending this to big data. We are watching this space closely (pun intended), so that when data capabilities progress, we can bring them straight to you. 

As well as keeping our ear to the ground, Wireless Nation continuously reviews our customers’ satellites and equipment to keep things running smoothly. 


Ready to stay connected, come rain, hail or storm? Talk to our team at Wireless Nation today.