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NZ Travel Blogs We Love!

Great Escape

Our favourite Motorhome, Caravan, and Offgrid Bloggers and YouTubers


Whether weekend road warriors or full-time motorhomers – New Zealanders are renowned travellers. We at Wireless Nation have been passionate about travel for a long time.

A big part of providing great wireless broadband on the road for us is to do research on what our customers need. In our travels, we have come across many great blogs and YouTube channels, and wanted to share a handful of our favourites with you!



We’ll start with our favourite New Zealand Youtubers. Given we’re such a small country – finding niche content like this can be a challenge, so here are our favourites for you to check out!


Adventures With Rosy

A family of 5 (Bronson, Chelsea, Harvey, Piper & Ruby) on an adventures around New Zealand in an RV\Caravan named “Rosy”.

Starting out as weekend warriors, they are now living full time on the road. An entertaining look into the ins and outs of living on the road with a young family well worth checking out.

Youtube Channel


Travelling K

Travelling K, or Karen, is a Kiwi living and travelling in a caravan around New Zealand.

Her Vlog spans many years and provides a candid anecdotal look into RVing full time, and adapting as life changes happen.

Youtube Channel



With video content still being fairly new and incredibly labour intensive, there’s a tonne of great content to be found on blogs – both new and old. Ranging from young families to retired couples, and everywhere in between – here are a few of our favourites:


The Great Escape – Australasia

the great escape australasia

Renee, Nathan, Ryan and Rosie – a young family travelling indefinitely since Jan 2016. After three years of travelling Australia as a family of three, they moved to NZ and added Rosie to the mix!

They both work short contracts while on the road, and the kids are learning remotely on the road.

Facebook Page


Minimalist Journeys

Minimalist Journeys creator Paul

Paul and Sandra. A Gen X couple passionate about values-based living and sustainable travel, have made it their mission to help others experience more by living with less.



Life On The Road NZ

life on the road bus

Carl and Justine have opted out of the 9 to 5 to live permanently on the road in their 1967 Bedford Bus/tiny house “The Moog”.



Romany Rambler

Romany Rambler couple

Retired couple, Jenny and Robin, document their caravan travels around NZ. “It’s all about the journey, the destination and the sights we see along the way”.



Bugger it, we are off

Bugger it we're off couple

Fiona & Chris, two self-proclaimed “empty-nesters” put their dreams of doing something different into reality… Living in their Motorhome. They share their journey and day-to-day life on their blog.



Two Go Tiki Touring

fifth wheeler caravan

Shellie Evans is living her dream; travelling New Zealand with her husband, David. They have been living full time on the road for the last 8 years in their Ultima fifth-wheeler “Out There”.

A blog full of anecdotes and beautiful photography – it gives a great insight into this lifestyle.




While the following are not strictly travel blogs, they are incredible resources for anyone curious about regular travel and alternative lifestyles:


Tiny House Living in NZ

Tiny House

A website dedicated to Tiny House Living in New Zealand, with an insight into the lifestyle, and highlighting some of the products and services available for NZ Tiny Homers.



The Curious Kiwi

screenshot of website

Curious Kiwi is a combination of a travel blog and a travel guide. It’s a wealth of information for anyone looking to find quirky accommodations and some off-the-beaten-track activities.



NZ Pocket Guide

NZ Pocket Guide is possibly the biggest anecdotal database of accommodations and activities in New Zealand.

Robin & Laura also have a matching youtube channel, where they document themselves doing a lot of these activities, so you can get a good anecdotal glimpse.

They are the largest online travel guide to New Zealand, with over 6.3Mil unique readers in 2019 alone.

WebsiteYoutube Channel


Bonus – Living Big in a Tiny House

While not strictly a “life on the road” type channel, we reckon no list like this would be complete without mentioning the YouTube channel “Living Big in a Tiny House”.

Bryce has visited countless Tiny Homes, but also house busses and converted vans. We feel his channel is a great starting point for anyone interested in alternative living.

We actually connect quite a few Tiny Homes with broadband every year, and a portion of the NZ tiny homes on his channel use our connection!

Bryce has a matching blog with lots of great photos and articles about the tiny spaces he visits.


Staying Connected On The Road

Are you already a weekend warrior, or even considering life on the road long term? If you want to live and work on the road, you’re going to need a reliable internet connection to take with you.

See our article about WFH in a motorhome.

Wireless Nation has got you covered with a range of options. Check out our portable Lifestyle Broadband, or If you’re an NZMCA member, check out our special NZMCA plans here.


So whether you’re going on an epic road trip, or just living vicariously through these blogs and vlogs – have a safe trip, and enjoy!

From the Wireless Nation team.