Whether you live on a farm, run a rural business, or call the remote Chatham Islands home, Wireless Nation has got you covered.

Connect today and experience the difference.

NZ's leading satellite network

Our satellite broadband network is fast, more reliable and has greater coverage than some competing networks. More >


If you are a member or customer of one of our partners, you can potentially save thousands of dollars on your rural broadband. More >

Custom solutions

Tricky problem? We provide custom solutions to get you connected, whether you live in a remote area or need coverage over a large area. More >

Low contention

For applicable connections, we manage the number of users using the same connection to make sure your internet is as fast as it should be. 

Great customer service

Our contact centre is based in New Zealand and our team always goes the extra mile to help you out.

Moving House?

We'll sort out the best connection at your new address + we'll give you a FREE month so there's one less thing for you to worry about. More >

Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband covers 99% of NZ and is perfect for remote locations and custom business solutions outside reach of Fibre or Wireless. Additional costs may apply.

Satellite Broadband plans start from:

$259.00 /mth Incl GST

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Chatham Islands

A broadband service for selected homes and businesses on the Chatham Islands, via the Optus Satellite network and wireless technology. Additional costs may apply.

Chatham Islands plans start from:

$99.00 /mth Incl GST

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3G/4G RBI Wireless

RBI uses long range fixed wireless towers to provide fast broadband to areas outside the urban copper and fibre networks. Additional costs may apply.

3G/4G RBI Wireless plans start from:

$79.90 /mth Incl GST

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Home Phone Lines

We have home phone lines designed to specifically run over your satellite and RBI connections with us.


Home phone lines start from:

$5 /mth Incl GST

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Melanie Bennett

" Best rural broadband internet provider in NZ! And no I'm not being paid to say this :)"

Petra Davidson

" When we first got satellite internet, we thought download speeds of 2Mbps were the best we could hope for. Now, our speed is a lot faster, the price has come down and the support is still prompt and friendly.. that’s impressive and much appreciated!"

Kaye Lancaster

" The transfer over to Wireless Nation's Satellite Offer was hassle free with the guide provided and i'm very happy with the internet service - it's lightening fast!"

Michael B, Wainui

" Switching to Wireless Nation was one of the best moves I've made. Friendly, helpful and solutions based. My connection to RBI is great. I'm very happy with Wireless Nation."