* This automated address checker is not always 100% accurate. If the automatically suggested product is not available at your location, we're happy to refund you, or offer an alternative product.

Whether you live in an apartment or in the suburbs, Wireless Nation provides you the best possible broadband solution for your location.

Connect today and experience the difference.

Fast apartment broadband

If you’re in one of our Cable over Fibre enabled buildings, or within range of our towers, you can get fast apartment broadband at a great price. More >

Unlimited data

No data caps. Experience the internet as much as you want, for as long as you want. Fair use policy applies. 

Open Term

Most of our urban and residential plans come with an open term, and only 30 days' notice is required to give you the flexibility you need. 

Low contention

For applicable connections, we manage the number of users using the same connection to make sure your internet is as fast as it should be. 

Great customer service

Our contact centre is based in New Zealand and our team always goes the extra mile to help you out.

Moving House?

We'll sort out the best connection at your new address + we'll give you a FREE month so there's one less thing for you to worry about. More >

ADSL Broadband

ADSL is your standard broadband connection delivered over a copper line. We make sure it’s nice and fast, with unlimited data on an open term. Additional costs apply.

ADSL Broadband plans start from:

$89.00 /mth Incl GST

More Info >

VDSL Broadband

Also using the standard copper line, VDSL is faster than your standard ADSL connection. With us you get unlimited data on an open term*. Additional costs apply.

VDSL Broadband plans start from:

$89.00 /mth Incl GST

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Wireless over Fibre

Using our fibre network and wireless technology, say goodbye to slow internet in your apartment. Only available to specific apartments in Auckland.

Wireless over Fibre plans start from:

$79.00 /mth Incl GST

More Info >

Cable over Fibre

Using our Cable over Fibre network, get fast broadband to your apartment with our unlimited data plan on an open term.

Cable over Fibre plans start from:

$49.00 /mth Incl GST

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The fastest of our broadband connections. It's delivered through a fibre optic cable and it's fast with unlimited data and free installation*. Additional costs apply.

Fibre plans start from:

$85.00 /mth Incl GST

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VoIP Add-on

Our VoIP Phones are cheaper, have more features than a standard phone, and you can keep your existing number*. You also get free local & national calls to landlines.

VoIP phone add-on:

$20 /mth Incl GST

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David Donegan

" Just wanted to thank and congratulate you on your efficient, friendly and personal service and on how quickly you deal with problems. It has been a pleasure to give you our business during our time in New Zealand."