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The Internet is the combined knowledge of every user in the world, it provides access to business applications like banking and Xero, and it is the basis for connecting at a personal level with friends, family, and opportunities. Kids in the city have incredible access to information and rich engagement with subject material.   

Rural communities have difficult access to the knowledge pool, creating a digital divide – engagement with educational material is more difficult, attracting staff and retaining them is harder, and basic access to web servers and cloud based services is slow and frustrating.   

We can bridge the digital divide   

Wireless Nation provides broadband anywhere you need it.  We offer the best solution based on where you are. Typically, we provide either an RBI based solution if you have coverage, or our new Optus Satellite service if you’re further afield.   

Our Wireless Nation Rural Broadband (RBI) and Wireless Nation Satellite provide a good level of service with a solid user experience. We aim for 5-10Mbps, this provides the ability to access web sites with quick page loading, use secure sites like banking sites with good performance, and access cloud based services like Xero. You can also stream videos – this provides better educational engagement, especially with services like eTV and YouTube.   

Both services are well tested and more reliable than other solutions in the past. Our RBI service is based on Vodafone’s RBI platform which has significant and ongoing investment behind it. Our Satellite service is a very new platform using the modern Gilat Sky Edge II platform (think iPhone versus a brick phone) and it’s proven with 44,000 users in rural locations across Australia.


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