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Cable over Fibre provides fast broadband to specific apartment and hotels in city centres. Like the name suggests, the service uses a fibre optic connection to bridge the Internet to the building, and then it splits Internet across the building’s existing copper cable network inside the building. The end result is very fast, consistent Internet.   

We provide the installation, and you can purchase a router from us for $120.

Why Cable over Fibre?   

  • The fibre into the building provides consistent and fast internet 
  • This system bypasses the heavily congested copper network outside the building 
  • The building also has a wireless network as a back up, so it’s safer   

When can I get CoF in our building?   

Register your interest here to add your building to our waiting for coverage list. We can work with your body corporate to speed the process up, we need about 15 customers in a building before we proceed.   

View Cable over Fibre plans.


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