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The RBI project is the rural equivalent to the UltraFast Broadband (UFB) initiative in towns and cities. The key difference is that RBI uses long range cellular towers, where UFB uses fibre optic cable as the foundation technology.

UFB is location specific because fibre needs to be trenched to the physical location (analogous to plumbing water to each house or business). RBI is less location specific, and has a specific coverage or broadcast area. Outside of RBI coverage, in most situations, there is satellite coverage.

In Australia, the government funds satellites for rural communities – the technology used is much more modern than the traditional satellite services available in New Zealand. We use the modern Gilat Sky Edge II platform because it is fast and reliable, as 44,000 rural Australians will confirm.

The best fit of service is determined by your location – for rural locations it comes down to a choice between coverage, if you’re in an RBI coverage location, then RBI is preferred. Outside of the RBI coverage areas, Satellite is the remaining technology available.


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