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  • 1. How do I upgrade my RBI modem software?

    This page gives you step-by-step instructions on how to update your Wireless Nation B315 modem's firmware (RBI modem).

    We’re always looking to give our rural communities the best wireless broadband available. As part of this, there's been upgrades to some broadband cell towers and to make the most of it, you’ll need to update your modem. Upgrading your RBI modem's firmware will provide future-proofing so you can take advantage of speed, stability and general performance and capability improvements in the future.

    Important things to know

    It will take about 20 mins to update your software. While you’re doing this your broadband service will be impacted. If you have a phone connected to your modem, it will also be affected

    Around 60MB (0.06GB) of data is used to update your modem.

    You'll need to make sure the upgrade doesn't get interrupted by losing connection or power. 

    Before you start

    A Wireless Nation B315 modem, which is also known as an RBI modem (white colour)

    Your modem needs to be working so that you’re connected to the internet

    Either a computer connected to your modem by Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable, or an iPhone, iPad or an Android smartphone or tablet connected to your modem by Wi-Fi

    If you're not using a desktop or laptop, you’ll need to download the Huawei HiLink app for iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphone/Tablet.

    Step-by-step instructions to update your modem

    Select what you are using to upgrade your modem – a computer, an iPhone/iPad or an Android smartphone/tablet.

    Computer or Laptop for PDF instructions or click here for video instructions.

    iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphone/Tablet for PDF instructions or click here for video instructions. 


    If you do not see an update prompt on your browser or HiLink app, please try again in a couple of days, or your modem might already be up to date so nothing to worry about! If you need help, please email us at support@wnation.net.nz with B315 in the subject line (and give is a bit of time to reply). We won't be able to answer thousands of calls at the same time. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

  • 2. How does it work? (Incl. Coverage Map)

    Using the Government-funded long range fixed wireless towers, you can now connect wirelessly through Wireless Nation to any of the 400+ towers located right across the country.

    You’ll be able to surf the net, stream video and do all your online banking as long as you’re within range of an RBI tower. Coverage map can be found on here >

    The modem comes with integrated Wi-Fi and also has 4 Ethernet ports to connect devices such as computers or laptops via an Ethernet cable.

  • 3. Can I use my own modem?

    Unfortunately different modems have different specifications, different IMEI ranges (that work with a certain network) and sim locks. Therefore NZMCA Data is only available with the RBI Modem supplied by Wireless Nation.

  • 4. What happens when I have used up my data cap?

    You'll receive email notifications once you've reached 80% and 100% of your monthly data cap.

    Any data used after you have reached 100% of your monthly data cap will be charged at $0.0086 per MB. 

  • 5. How to change your Wi-Fi password on the RBI Modem (B315 & B525)

    You can change your WiFi name and Password by logging into the modem using your laptop/PC. Please make sure your PC/Laptop is connected to your RBI modem. 

    1. Open your internet browser and type in the address bar either: (if you have the B315 white modem) or (if you have the B525 black modem). Press enter.
    2. Type 'admin' into both the Username and Password boxes and press enter.
    3. After you have successfully logged in, click Settings in the menu bar.
    4. Select WLAN>WLAN Basic Settings. You can change the default SSID to your desired Wi-Fi name, select the Security mode, and change the WPA pre-shared key (a.k.a Wi-Fi password). Make sure that SSID Broadcast is enabled, then click Save
    5. All done! 
  • 6. What time can I use my off peak data?

    You can use RBI Wireless off peak data between midnight-6am on applicable plans. Off peak data is not available on the 120GB and 200GB plans. 

  • 7. My internet is not working? Try our self-troubleshooting guide

    If you run into any unexpected connectivity issues, use our interactive guide so you can self-troubleshoot and get yourself back online quickly!


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