Wireless Nation's high speed satellite service is perfect for businesses who can't afford to be offline.  

With a single internet connection, you have no alternative if your internet connection fails, which can lead to a significant loss in revenue, damage to reputation and a decrease in staff productivity. 

Using a satellite connection as a backup avoids potential issues with terrestrial telecommunications and outages, allowing you to stay up and running at all times. 

How does Satellite Failover work? 

Satellite Failover works in conjunction with multiple internet connections to ensure you maintain internet connectivity on your primary connection. If your primary link (main internet connection) goes down, it will automatically route all traffic over the backup connection (in your case the Satellite network) until service is restored on the primary network. 

We provide all the management

  • Quarterly onsite maintenance checks
  • Visual and alignment checks
  • Connection speed and signal tests
  • Monitored 24/7 by our monitoring system

Applications supported

  • Data
  • Most VPN's
  • Video conferencing
  • Eftpos
  • General browsing and cloud applications

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