Unexpected events such as natural or manmade disasters can cause communication to become limited or go down completely. No matter what kind of emergency it is, or where it happens, Wireless Nation can help you. 

VSAT's (two-way portable satellite ground stations) play a vital role in restoring communication as they bypass terrestrial telephone or cable infrastructures (such as fibre, microwave, or cellular networks).

With Wireless Nation, your emergency service and data recovery operations will be connected to the most sophisticated and reliable satellite network in New Zealand. 

Auto Align Antenna

Installed on or towed by vehicles (and even helicopters), Auto Align Antennas provide fast, reliable broadband connectivity and networking. 

The advantage of these antennas, is that no matter where your location is, they acquire a satellite connection automatically and lock onto the satellite signal without any user intervention. Using the antenna's built in GPS receiver, the control unit calculates everything needed itself to pinpoint the satellite which will be used for communication. From then on, the command post or relief centre is connected via the satellite link within minutes. 

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There is an increased importance for quick-deploy satellite communications in stationary and on-the-move situations. Governments, search and rescue as well as militaries recognise the urgent need to access these services - wherever and whenever required. 

This lightweight, portable solution provides data, video and telephony under the toughest environmental conditions. The small-size antenna can be set up in just a few minutes with automatic pointing and does not require any tools for assembly.The integrated modem supports search and rescue, militaries and war-fighters with high availability, secure communications and excellent performance in extremely low SNR conditions. 


MobileSat is an all-in-one solution where users can send, receive and access voice calls, SMS, the internet and other applications all whilst on the move. 

Permanently or magnetically mounted to the roof of any suitable vehicle, the antenna, provided there is a direct line of sight to the satellite, can provide reception regardless of where you are in New Zealand. 




  • Satellite voice, SMS, fax and data whilst on the move
  • Browse the internet
  • hand-free operation in a vehicle through an Amplified Extension Speaker
  • Can be used with or without a PC being connected
  • Built-in GPS provides location tracking while travelling in remote or unconnected areas
  • Compact, lightweight and robust Antenna


Satellite Phone

A Satellite Phone provides essential voice communication services to customers in remote areas where there are no other forms of communication available. This service is ideal for government agencies, emergency services, transportation, oil and gas corporation and other entities that value constant contact. 

Satellite Phone is for voice communication only. 




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