Wireless Nation specialises in providing super-fast broadband to multi-dwelling units such as apartments, hotels, and office blocks. 

With the roll out of fibre in New Zealand’s high density urban areas, homes and businesses now have access to affordable, extremely fast internet. However, while it is not too difficult to connect homes and single dwellings with fibre; it’s another story for buildings with multi-dwellings. Extra cabling, invasive construction, and expensive installation are some of the barriers to connecting each unit with fibre. 

The problem is the existing ADSL connections available in these buildings are slow and unreliable.

Wireless Nation’s Cable over Fibre solution overcomes these barriers, and is painless to install at a fraction of the cost.

How fast is the service?

Our standard Cable over Fibre plans have speeds of up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. 

These speeds allow seamless HD movie and TV streaming including IPTV, large scale internet gaming, HD video conferencing, advanced education and tele-health applications, and much more.

How does it work?

A fibre connection delivers internet to the building, which is then split across the building’s existing copper cable network inside the building. The fibre to the building provides consistent, fast internet since it bypasses the heavily congested copper network outside the building.

Does the system have a backup?

We install a backup connection in the rare case the fibre connection is accidentally cut outside the building. If this happens, the backup automatically kicks in and ensures the building doesn’t lose internet connectivity. Depending on the building, the backup will be a wireless or VDSL connection.

Is there any additional cabling required?

No, there is no additional cabling required as long as your building has existing copper wiring (nearly every building does). Our technology uses the existing copper wiring or data cabling in the building. This means it is simple to install and there is no need for extra construction or drilling holes in the building.  

What is required within the building?

A small space in the building’s communication room with a reliable power supply and, depending on the building a small space on the roof. A small cabinet is installed to house the broadband equipment. We also need to have 24/7 access to the building and the comms room for maintenance and on-site support.

How much does it cost to have Cable over Fibre installed in my building?

Generally there is no cost to the building owner. The infrastructure has a hard cost to Wireless Nation of around $15,000 that we amortize over many years; it provides the foundation for adding multiple users in the most cost effective approach in a building. However, depending on the building make up, this cost may be passed onto the building owner.

Do the building’s residents have to use Wireless Nation?

No they don’t, we don’t lock you or your residents into an exclusive arrangement with Wireless Nation. Residents are free to choose Wireless Nation or any other ISP to as their broadband provider. 

What about landlines?

We provide a Voice over IP phone service. This works just like a normal landline, except it runs over the internet. This means it is cheaper and provides more functionality than a traditional phone. The VoIP phone costs only $20 per month, local calls are free and calls to the rest of New Zealand and most other countries is less than 6c per minute.