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Locate Your Assets.

Fox Tracker allows you to easily and affordably locate and recover your assets, items or vehicles.



The Fox Tracker is a rugged, waterproof tracking device designed to locate and recover high valued assets where super-long battery life and low cost is required.

IP67 Waterproof, Dustproof & Rugged

Made of tough ABS/Polycarbonate plastic housing to survive heavy knocks. It’s UV stabilised to last many years in the sun and severe weather conditions.

Adaptive Tracking

The accelerometer and GPS data is used intelligently to work out if the asset device is moving. It scales the update rate down to once per day if the device is stationary to save battery life.

Long Battery Life

Super long battery life of up to 4 years with general tracking. Simply re-charge or replace the batteries when the years are up.

No Install Required

Simply place and trace. It’s low-profile makes it easier to mount in the corrugation on containers or to conceal on the underside of a vehicle.

3D Accelerometer

The 3 axis accelerometer allows the Fox Tracker to ‘sleep’ if there is no movement, yet wake-up when movement occurs.


The Fox Tracker can be used on all moving assets including vehicles, boats and items.


Dimensions (mm): L 115x W 65 X H 20

Weight: 200grams

Fitment: Screw holes & strap slots

Operating Temp Range: -20°C to +60°C (the device will operate in temperatures outside of this range but battery life will be reduced)


Batteries: 3 x AA size 1.5V Alkaline or Lithium batteries.

Sleep Current: 5μA (micro-amps)



Network: Sigfox (LPWAN)

Configuration: USB Cable

Sigfox Zones: SRCZ1, RCZ2 and RCZ4

GPS Module: High sensitivity Assisted GPS receiver, 72 channel


Antenna with Low noise GPS amplifier: Boosted by low noise amplifier (LNA) allows operation in ‘urban canyons’ and containers.

3D Accelerometer: Enabled quick wake and low power operation

Internal Memory: Flash | 20,000 records

Locating & Tracking Features

Fox Tracker is the next generation locating & tracking device packed full of features.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and easy to use. No hidden menus or complicated features. Our software is so easy to use you won’t need an instruction manual!

Live View

Locate all your assets with our visually meaningful graphics. Full tracking available on PRO.

Timelines & Reports

Manage all your assets and easily customise what the information you need shown. Simple reports with a touch of a button.


Alerts & Geo-fencing

Easily create alerts & notifications for certain events. Geo-fencing allows you to be alerted if your assets travels outside a certain area. Only available on PRO.


Coverage is expanding rapidly. Check out the Fox Tracker coverage here (zoom into NZ).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions about the Fox Tracker. If this doesn’t answer your question please send us a message.

How much does it cost?

The Fox Tracker comes with two plan options:

Fox Tracker is $249 per unit. This includes a 12 month subscription worth $120, up to 50 links per day, as well as basic locating features. Subsequent yearly subscriptions per Fox Tracker is $120.

Fox Tracker PRO is $359 per unit. This includes a 12 month subscription worth $199, up to 144 links per day, as well as full locating and tracking features. Subsequent yearly subscriptions per Fox Tracker PRO is $199.

The billing rolls over automatically every 12 months so there’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is make sure your credit card or bank details are current.

How does it work?

The Fox Tracker has built-in antennas for GPS reception and for Sigfox communication, a 3D accelerometer, a high-performance GPS that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously and flash memory for storing non-volatile information, The Fox Tracker uses the Sigfox network to give you coverage of your assets at a low data cost.

Can I track it using my mobile device?

Yes, you can download the Telematics app on App Store for iOS & Google Play for Android.

How do I install/attach it?

The Fox Tracker is compact and low-profile which means easy mounting in the corrugation on containers or concealed on the underside of a trailer for example. Housing screws together for easy assembly, and has 2 convenient mounting tabs. It also has ‘strap slots’ allowing the Fox Tracker to be cable tied or metal strapped to an asset.

Can I replace the battery myself?

Yes. Simply unscrew the device and replace the batteries (be careful around the technical aspects of the Fox Tracker when you are doing this).

Can it be used for fleet management?

This device can be used to locate vehicles however for accurate and high frequency tracking beacons, we have other solutions that are better suited. Please contact us for more info.

How long does it take to receive my Fox Tracker from the time I order it?

Approx. 5 working days.