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Wholesale our broadband solutions & packages to your customers.

A Cloud ISP is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that resells, under another brand name, the resources of existing ISPs. Cloud ISPs are great for businesses with an existing customer base who would like to offer broadband access as an added service. Wireless Nation provides all the infrastructure and you just need to market to and be the first line of support for your customers.   

As a Cloud ISP you can sell a complete portfolio of wholesale broadband packages to your customers. These include ADSL/ADSL 2+, VDSL/VDSL2, Ultra-Fast Broadband Fibre, Premium (Dedicated) Fibre, Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI), and Satellite Broadband. We do not set your retail price. We simply supply the connectivity to you at a wholesale price. How you sell it to your customers, the margins you make, and the contract lengths you apply, are completely up to you. 

As a former Cloud ISP, we understand the need to provide quality support to your own clients. We will support you for higher level technical troubleshooting such as running diagnostics to isolate line faults, and sending out a qualified technician, etc. 

Wholesale Cloud ISP 

  • You get access to our high quality business grade bandwidth with very low contention rate 
  • You can customise your own white labelled plans and broadband solutions, including unlimited data plans 
  • You only have to pay port fees 

Other Features 

  • We can provide our ISP management cloud software that includes everything you need to manage your customers, including accounting and billing  

Rack space and co-location 

We can provide co-location and rack space if required, talk to us to find out more about our value-add offerings and service. 

Contact Us 

For more information or to sign up as a Cloud ISP contact us here or call 0800 101 143.