Wireless Nation is an innovative internet service provider (ISP) who provides fast broadband access anywhere in New Zealand. 

Whether you live in the beautiful remote Chatham Islands or in apartment in Auckland’s CBD, we’ve got you covered. Our urban, rural and business broadband solutions are fast, reliable and backed up exceptional customer service.

Wireless Nation also provides bespoke solutions to overcome hurdles that may prevent connectivity; such as remoteness, needing internet access to a large area, or line of sight issues. These solutions, devised by our experienced team, are effective and affordable.

Connect today and experience the difference.

Wireless Nation was founded in 2005 by Technical Director Tom Linn in response to the larger ISPs unwillingness to provide services to New Zealand’s rural sector. After securing initial funding, the company started delivering satellite broadband to rural customers in late 2006.

Since then, the company has focused on solving connectivity problems and bringing these innovative solutions to market. These include its Wireless over Fibre and Cable over Fibre solutions that enable super fast broadband to be easily installed in multi-dwelling units and Wireless over Satellite, which provides the Chatham Islands with fast, reliable internet.

While Wireless Nation now provides fast broadband anywhere in New Zealand, its focus is still on connecting rural New Zealand and bridging the growing digital divide.

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Annemieke Pritchard

" They have been amazing! Cost effective, easy online access to check accounts and their customer service is outstanding. I don't say this lightly but in a competitive world this stood out for me, I would have no hesitation recommending these guys."

Kerry Hartley

" A great bunch of young guys dishing out great support and service that goes the extra mile... Go well boys."

Petra Davidson

" When we first got satellite internet, we thought download speeds of 2Mbps were the best we could hope for. Now, our speed is a lot faster, the price has come down and the support is still prompt and friendly.. that’s impressive and much appreciated!"