It's easy to feel overlooked as a small business. After all, with only a few employees and a comparatively small market capitalization, it's easy for sales reps and entire companies to look to sell to the big companies in favor of trying to make a comparatively small sale at a comparatively small business. However, Wireless Nation is looking to step up into the field by offering up the new Smart SOHO bundle, specifically geared toward the small business user.

Smart SOHO offers users around the Auckland, New Zealand, area an impressive overall package. Not only will users get access to unlimited data use, but also a complete package specially geared toward Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) users. The package includes two VoIP lines, a VoIP adapter, and a static IP address that makes VoIP use even easier. With VoIP use, meanwhile, comes free access to a slew of features that might be regarded as premium on landline phones, including call forwarding, call recording, voicemail—complete with voicemail-to-e-mail forwarding services—and caller ID.

A lot of people, according to Wireless Nation's technical director Tom Linn, have had bad experiences with VoIP as it was often put into play on the same connection used for pulling data. This in turn led to poor quality audio and disgruntled users. Wireless Nation, however, is working around that with a dedicated bandwidth pipe that allows for prioritization of voice traffic, making for a better overall experience. Linn further amplified the value of Smart SOHO by saying “We believe that the technology has matured to deliver the reliability required by business users, and they simply don’t need to fork out for traditional landlines and a dedicated PABX anymore.”

Additionally, given that there are over 450,000 small businesses in New Zealand—representing about 25 percent of the total market—it's clear that there's plenty of opportunity to be had in providing top-notch service for a market that's larger than some might expect. With Smart SOHO set to offer a great service that's especially geared toward small business users, it's a safe bet that Wireless Nation will do no small amount of business itself with its small business package. VoIP in general has been gaining a lot of ground, so to suggest there's quite a bit of pent-up demand from small companies that have been wanting access to the VoIP field but can't find much that's right for those companies, is certainly not out of line.

While only time will tell just how well Wireless Nation does with its new Smart SOHO bundle, it's reasonable to suggest that the results will be favorable. After all, a good sized market that's often underserved is prime terrain, and Wireless Nation is likely to prove just how prime that terrain really is.